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Talking to the Moon

The lovely Mama Hsieh took these photos the other evening when the sun was setting a beautiful shade of rose. I don't think I've seen such a perfect sunset in a really long time, mainly since I'm usually sitting in class around that time or being ridiculously busy doing other things. The one thing I don't like about having to take pictures outside of my house is the crazy amount of kids running around outside. In the recent years, all of my neighbors who were toddlers have grown up into rowdy children which makes me miss those days where I would ride my bike down to my friends' houses and trade Pokemon cards. What a life. Normally I wouldn't mind them running around everywhere, but there's this one girl who will literally stand in the middle of the road next to me and just stare while I take pictures. It's a very, very uncomfortable situation.

Forever 21 Jacket, Top, Jeans, Ring
Urban Outfitters Belt, Wedges
c/o Trendenzas Clutch Purse

Do these shoes seem familiar? I actually have them in a peach-orange color and I wore them on my blog in this post when the weather was warmer. And why do I have them in a dark gray as well? These babies were part of my Black Friday swag at Urban Outfitters and I snatched them up for only $10. I walked out of Urban feeling like a BO$$ Did you guys get any sick Black Friday deals?

It's a little depressing that today is the last day of break, especially since I still have so much work to get done. It's going to be a crazy week and I better get ready for it. I'm ending my break with a final lunch with some of my favorites from back home. I honestly never realize how much I miss them until we all get together and I get that feeling like I'm home. There's no better feeling then being surrounded by the people you love. :)


  1. Great outfit, and I bet that sunset was fenomenal judging by the light in your photos! Staring kids can be a bit scary... And what a deal on the shoes!

  2. There definitely is no better feeling than that; I'm heading back to campus tonight too...with the promise of a long winter break in a few weeks. I love the sixth photograph (headshot); your mum takes good photos! I didn't get to partake in black friday madness, but what a good deal! (And yay for open-toed shoes in almost winter haha.) Have a good week!

  3. I love this outfit! Your clutch is amazing! ♥

    xoxo, Laura

  4. these photos are so pretty! love your hair here

  5. So cute! {As always!}
    And YES! I know. I don't want to go back to school!
    Hurry up Christmas break!

  6. Oh Jen you look absolutely wonderful <3!!! Love the jacket, the top, AND OF COURSE THE WEDGES! I think these are definitely more wearable for you, BUT BUT BUT BUT BUTTTTT I hope you still wear the orange ones because it was my mission that you wear more color ;) I love you!

  7. Ooooo your hair looks amazing! I'm also sad Thanksgiving break is over now =*( So not ready to go back to work!!

  8. I really like your jacket, and the belt wrapped around your blouse. I'm still looking for a belt that I can use this way!

  9. great clutch :)

  10. totally love your jacket and your mom did a great job taking photos!
    love the tone

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