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An Early Christmas

My favorite thing about the weather getting colder is sweaters, sweaters, sweaters. I might sound like a crazy sweater lady (do those exist?) but I probably am one. I picked up this sweater from Forever 21 the other day and I'm in love with it. It's seriously the coziest thing I own and it reminds me of Christmas which makes me crave some snow already! I'm already excited to wear my ear muffs and bundle up. But then again, I know when it's freezing cold outside, I'm going to start complaining and wishing it was summer. Human beings, never satisfied with the present.

Forever 21 Sweater, Skirt, Sunglasses
Jessica Bennett Wedges c/o wayfair

Last night I got to catch up with two of my friends from home (one goes to the same college as me) and it was nice since it's hard for all of us to find time to spend together. We grabbed (multiple) dinners, watched one of my co-worker's comedy shows, and then passed out in front of a movie with some pumpkin beer. I swear, I'm obsessed with pumpkins when Fall rolls around. I grabbed some pumpkin ice cream while I was at work the other day and I was in heaven from the first bite all the way to the last bite. Now all I need is to have some pumpkin pie, a pumpkin latte, and pick a pumpkin of my own. But now I'm off so we can all grab some brunch and have a photo shoot (pictures to come later)! I'm in love with October.


  1. I love a nice cozy sweater too. I wish the weather would decide whether it wants to be cold or hot
    Also, legs to die for!!! haha :)

  2. I love your jumper!! Definitely going to be checking out F21 for jumpers this week :]]

    I am jealous of all the pumpkin stuff you have in the US- I swear I didn't appreciate it enough when I lived out there!!

    Charlotte x

  3. Lovely sweater! I love 'sweater weather' too :)

  4. I've been craving sweaters lately too! But it rained for like a day and that was the beginning and end of our sweater weather. It's supposed to be like super hot the next few days. Crazy... :( I wish I could look as cozy as you! I miss you!

  5. Yeay sweater time! Your sweater does remind me of Christmas time :)


  6. Love the sweater and the shoes


  7. You got awesome legs girl! Love the outfit!

  8. That sweater is so cute! ^^ loving the print :) x


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