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Like the Squirrel Girl

Lately I've been feeling kind of miserable both mentally and physically. Every Winter I usually have coughing attacks that last for 2-3 weeks but this year it's hitting me especially hard to the point where I can't sleep at night. My coughing will wake me up every three hours and it'll take forever to fall back to sleep. I even slept in the living room last night so I wouldn't keep my roommate up.

It's so frustrating since nothing seems to be making me feel any better. Cough Drops, Mucinex, Hot Tea, Soup - I'm too exhausted to try anything else. I'm debating whether or not to just go back to my apartment and heal properly but I still have class tonight until 9:30pm.

Urban Outfitters Cardigan, Bag
H&M Striped Tank
Forever 21 Jeans
c/o Blowfish Shoes Jackie Boots

Life has been really rough this past week. I got in a car crash so I've been having to deal with so many insurance problems (no worries, no one was injured and I'm not at fault). One of my biggest events of the year that I had to plan as the District Governor of NJ Circle K (a collegiate service organization) fell through last minute because of something completely out of my control. This whole cough situation isn't much fun. And there's just so, so, so, so much more that it's all piling up on each other. This also explains why I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to.

It's times like these, though, when I realize how great my friends are. I have friends who will go out of the way just to have lunch with me, talk to me for hours, take me shopping, and take me out to dinner...just to make me feel better. Plus, I'm wearing my coziest sweater today and my new favorite boots to lift my mood. Hopefully I'll be back to my normal self soon enough. :)


  1. awww sorry that you are having such a rough time. :( if it makes you feel any better...i've been having one of the worst months of my life.
    i'm hopeful that things will be looking up in the near future for the both of us!
    p.s. at least your boots are super cute!!!

  2. So sorry that you're having a rough time! From my experience (that is, getting bronchitis annually for most of the time I was in college), it sounds like you might have bronchitis...which is treatable with antibiotics. Get your butt to the doctor!!

    As for everything'll get better. And you still look fab, you would've fooled me!

  3. Those boots are wonderful and nothing like a cozy sweater!! I am sad to hear about your cough, love, maybe a humidifier that cools the air will help you sleep better? Not sure, but it has major benefits! Try to take powernaps, and add lemon and honey to your tea!!

    Sending you well wishes!! Rest up for the Holidays, we'll still be here :)

  4. Cute boots! Thanks for sharing the site where you got them from :)
    xx Allie

  5. Aw, Jen! It sounds as though you have so much on your plate right now. I hope you feel better soon (kick that cough in the booty!), and that things start looking up!

    Also, I adore your outfit. So simple, and perfect for fall! Rock those boots, girly.

  6. Super cute look! I love love love LOVE big comfy sweaters this season, and your boots are too die for.

  7. I just want to wrap myself up in that sweater!! :)

  8. I love this fall look, so effortless :)

  9. It's great that you can have a good attitude when things are piling up...and your friends sound awesome!

    Love those boots...they're perfectly distressed!

    I hope you feel better!
    Those kinds of sick can be a real pain :(. You'll get through it!

    Lindsey Soup

  10. It sounds like the dry air. Have you tried a humidifier?

    Hang on to your friends. You're a lucky girl, Jen.

  11. Aww Jen. I super wish I could've been/could be there for you right now! You know that if money weren't an issue, I'd be there in a heartbeat for you! I miss you tons! Sick or not sick, you look wonderful! And so cozy in that sweater and those boots! I get the dry cough for a while too (though I've been lucky since Fall hasn't really hit us quite yet up until this week). Cough syrup--though as nasty as it is--usually works for me, as does honey tea. BIG VIRTUAL HUG<3 Love you tons Jen! Call/E-Mail/Text/Tweet me if you need to talk or anything at all!

  12. Gosh, I hope that everything gets better and that your cough becomes less extreme soon! Thanksgiving holidays soon, so hopefully you can get some rest then; new pieces are always good to lift moods (:

  13. hi! my site is back. please come visit!

  14. Goodness Jennie, I hope you'll be alright again soon. Nobody like to be sick and I really hope you can find something that works =s I hope life will be easy on you again from now on. It's one of those periods where everything just comes together and get's too much, huh? It's easy for me to say that It'll pass, but it will =) keep going! and you'll go far :) especially in those pretty boots! I have been eyeing them for a while now, but I just bought myself a new pair :) x

  15. sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling great...on the plus side you look amazing, love the boots x

  16. I'm so sorry to hear that you're dealing with so much right now. I hope you feel better soon lady <3
    At least you're looking super adorable! That sweater looks so cute and cozy.

  17. This outfit sums up how I want to dress this Fall/Winter!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the accident! You've been through a lot. I hope things start to get easier soon <3

  18. Hope you will get better soon, dear!

    Cute cozy outfit!


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