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A Holly Jolly Christmas

1. Modcloth Trench Coat
2. Ray Flash
3. The Union Street Bag
4. Dream Light
5. Steve Madden Heels
6. Chalkboard Speech Bubble
7. Modcloth Lace Dress
8. Persol Sunglasses
9. Blowfish Shoes Boots

Now that the holidays are approaching I've been doing even more online window shopping than usual. I'm treating myself to a Christmas gift after all my finals are over so I decided to make a quick collage of everything I have my eye on so I wouldn't forget anything. Personally I'm leaning towards the bag since I need something that will safely carry around my camera (it also fits my laptop). Looking at everything is suddenly making me realize the lack of funds in my bank account though. Oh, the cruel world of window shopping!

What do you guys have on your lists this year?


  1. i also want a nice, structured bag that'll keep my camera safe! i really want a cambridge satchel (the green/navy one is so cute! and they have metallic ones on asos).

    hope you get at least some of the things on your wishlist! ;]


  2. great picks jen! i had my eye on that firefly type lantern light for some time. SO CUTE.

  3. I recently did a whole post on this. :)
    I have a board on Pinterest you can check out for my super super LIFE long wish list:

  4. oh, I know, window shopping can drive you CRAZY, and VERY aware of any lack of funds. The bag is great, and sounds like it would be super functional for you - the dream light is amazing; it reminds me of fireflies caught in a jar!

  5. I feel ya! I have been window shopping like crazy lately, but my bank account is seriously tight. A girl can look, right? :) I love that Modcloth dress--their site is the one that's killing me. Everything is too good!

  6. I can definitely see you wearing those boots (: The bag would also be a good investment~ Hope that you have a good weekend!


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