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In Your Head

It's the last day reading day before finals officially kick into full gear tomorrow. Luckily at this point I only have one final left (unfortunately, it's one of my toughest) and a final project for my Photography course which is more fun than work. I already took one final, completed one final project, and presented two twenty-page group projects. I'm definitely pooped by this point. I've been studying for the past six hours and I'm trapping myself in the student center until midnight, so four more hours to go! Thankfully my mint hot chocolate and sprinkled doughnut are keeping me sane. Nothing better than comfort food.

Zara Cardigan
H&M Tank Top
ASOS Tights
Urban Outfitters Belt
Skirt via Modswap
Blowfish Shoes Flats

I actually got this skirt back in September when I attended the Modswap during NYFW! I saw the color and I immediately knew I had to pick it up - I really don't wear enough bold colors and I decided to incorporate this lovely cranberry color into my wardrobe. Emily from It Girl, Rag Doll is the original owner, so a big thank you to her for putting it up for grabs! :)

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  1. Love these photos! Your hair looks so great : ) And good luck on your finals! Tomorrow is the last day of finals week at my college.

  2. Hehe mission get color in your closet worked out well :) Looooove that skirt on you! The colors here are so wonderful Jen! LOVE YOUR HAIR STILL <3 Good luck with your finals love!

  3. Love that skirt (yay bold colors)! Such a cute outfit. Best of luck with your last final! I'm sure you're gonna beast it.

  4. Love this look, so amazing! Those tights are gorgeous. love the color scheme too.


  5. wow Jen I love your color theme for this outfit, I adore your skirt and your new hair looks fabulous! <3
    have a great day (:


  6. i love the seam that runs down your tights!

  7. The color combo of tan and that wine color is always a favorite of mine. How you manage to look so cute even through all that stressful studying, and finals, and projects is beyond me. Good luck with everything! xx

  8. Aw your blog is super cute. I'm kind of in love with those backseam tights. They look amazing with the pretty color of your skirt. I really like your dotted top too.

  9. Good luck on your last exam! Almost there to winter break (: Still loving how your new hairstyle looks on you~

  10. This outfit is amazing :) I love the colours combines :) Good luck with your finals! I know you'll do great ;) x

  11. I'm drolling over your skirt. Love the color! And you are pretty as usual jen :)

    crunchy cheese me

  12. kick dat final butt, gurl. though I am sure that by this point in time you have. and I am proud of you. rock on.

    i really like your elbow patches. they're such a great thing and so cute. such a good detail, yesss. :D and the overall shape of your outfit is just so perfect with your pencil skirt!

    also, your hair-- so cute, what?! adorable, really. suits you so well!


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