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15/15: Set You Free

I'm done! I present to you, my last 15 for 15 look. It's among my top three favorites and I feel like it embodies my personal style perfectly. There's a clean silhouette, simple accessories, and a basic color palette. The gorgeous sunset in the background doesn't hurt either. Now I can't wait to style up the rest of my closet that I've been neglecting. It's going to be weird having so many options again and I don't know if that'll make it easier or harder to pick out what I want to wear in the mornings. 

Joe Fresh Chambray Shirt
Urban Outfitters Dress
Zara Bag
c/o Blowfish Shoes Cuvette Flats

This past week has been absolute chaos and I can't even keep track of everything that's going on. I feel like I've gone from one Jen to an entirely different Jen (who's kind of reckless). I'm gonna try to take some time to just relax, slow down my life, and finish up the work I need to get done. My friend from high school picked me up earlier so we could go on a photo adventure and that's exactly what I needed right now. Despite the cold weather, it was nice just exploring abandoned areas and bonding with my camera. :)


  1. You look amazing Jen! I loooooove this look! I'm going to have to copy it one day :) I was this |-----| close to buying that bag at Zara too! But I love my Madewell tote too much hehe :) Love love love you! I miss you so very much Jen! I would give anything to go on a photo adventure with you! I loved your 15 for 15 this time around!

  2. Super cute look! Great for a day out!

  3. Great look! Loved your 15-for-15 outfits :).


  4. so nice pic... you are looking very beautiful and charming in these pic...

  5. I saw these pics on pinterest first, surprisingly! I really like the silhouette you made and I can see why you love it so much; it's one of my favourite out of the 15/15 as well. Hopefully your week has been going alright and you are finding the time to take the slow done that you need. xx

  6. love your style:)


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