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Right This Second

Tuesdays have started turning into love/hate kind of days this semester. I love starting off my mornings at work and it always puts me into a good mood. Then in the afternoon I have to head toward my classes - I have two classes in a row with the same professor and in the same room. It drives me crazy not having a change of scenery and I always struggle to stay awake and pay attention for the three hours. I just wish I had a greater interest in the subject topic. But then I get to end my Tuesdays going to my Circle K meetings and raging at the bars so at least I end on a good note. Guess it's just a bipolar day. I can't wait for this week to pass by quickly though since I have some epic weekend plans.

J. Crew Sweater
Forever 21 Striped Dress
ASOS Back-seam Tights
American Rag Coat via Macy's
Aldo Wedges

Last Saturday I met up with Kirsten, one my friends from home, to go on a photo adventure in an abandoned farm nearby (which is where these photos were taken). She had a photo assignment to complete for one of her classes and I just wanted to spend some time with my camera. All I ever seem to use my camera for these days is for work assignments and my blog. It's nice to just take pictures for no reason at all with no set direction.


  1. Gorgeous as always Jen, I know what you mean with struggling to stay awake, on Fridays I have a seminar for 4 hours in one room with the same guy talking. It's brutal to say the least, but the good news is we only have what 8 weeks left aka 8 more sessions? ;)

    Hope your weekend plans are just as amazing as you plan them to be. It seems my weekend plans revolve around writing papers and watching TV... epic?

    Have a fantastic week! xo

  2. these photos are fantastic. i really love that dress! so pretty!
    and every time i see your hair i wanna chop mine off.

  3. This dress looks so cute with its little peekaboo out of the sweater!

    That's a rough Tuesday, but it's good that you have those breaks in between with fun stuff.

    By the way, your hair is growing so fast! I 'm still in love with the short hairstyle on you :)


  4. Love that dress all layered up! Such pretty detail at the neck.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. Raging at the bar ;) You're a college student all right. hehe..

    Love the pretty dress and those booties. Very cool pictures.

  6. Oh the dress that should've been a DD post...hehe. Still love it on you! Love that you made it less Spring/Summer-y with the layers and the black :) This photo location is wonderful too!<3 Love love love love LOOOOOOVE you!

  7. pretty dress.. i love it.. :) Irene Wibowo

  8. I wish I had time to use my camera, period. Seems like I'm taking photos more often on my phone, because it's so convenient. Love the way you wore that dress! Cute as always :)

  9. Gorgerous your dress!!!! and you too of course!!!!

    we follow you also you can follow us in:

  10. I love that F21 dress and how you layered it to make it work for colder weather...very stylish :) Best of luck with your studies!

  11. Pretty scenery! That definitely sounds like a hectic Tuesdays, but hopefully it'll get easier as the semester goes on? But epic weekend plans must make it a bit nice to look forward to through the week! The collar detail on your dress is really nice and I like how the simplicity of your outfit lets the occasional pink stripe stand out. Hope the rest of your week went well xx


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