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Like Shooting Stars

American Apparel Sweater, Pants, Henley Top, Belt
New York & Company Scarf
Florsheim Boots

Here are the shots that I took of Donnesh during our last minute trip to the beach. He's crazy photogenic and also crazy adorable. If only I could pose half as good as he does - I wouldn't have to take so many pictures for my blog! I usually take around 40-50 photos for each outfit photo shoot since I'm always jumping around or making silly faces. For every nice picture I post on my blog, there are five more where I look a little bit stupid. I can't take myself seriously without cracking myself up.

I'm missing Donnesh already and I'm counting down until the next time I see him! He left me his Forever Lazy (you can embarrassingly see me wearing it here) to make sure I'd see him again and return it. Gotta make sure I do! :)


  1. Donnesh, you are officially classier than I will ever be. I hope you two had fun at the shore!

  2. Awww...he is super photogenic!! And his style is pretty sweet too :)

  3. He is really photogenic. I love these pants! I'd definitely would wear a menswear style like this.


  4. Haha, that Forever Lazy picture is great!

  5. So very handsome!! Deelicious!! <33


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