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Only Man She Want

This upcoming weekend is my District Convention for the community service organization I'm a part of, Circle K International. For those of you that don't know, I serve as the District Governor which means I'm in charge of the entire New Jersey District. This Convention is one of the biggest events of my service year and there's a whole lot riding on my shoulders. I've been working my ass off with my board members for the longest time and I still can't believe everything's coming to an end in only a couple of days. It'll be nice to have the stress gone but it's going to be so heartbreaking turning over the position to the newly elected Governor. It's going to be a super bittersweet experience. I'm pulling an all-nighter tonight to get all my speeches written. I never know how to properly say what I want to say - especially when I know I'll be talking to a crowd of over one hundred people. I'm just hoping I don't pass out since I'm insanely tired right now.

Modcloth Dress
Kenneth Cole Watch
H&M Heels

Due to my Convention I'll be absent from my blog until Monday so I apologize in advance for the lack of updates. Don't miss me too much! ;)

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of my bare legs in the beautiful, summer-like weather. My roommates and I are taking advantage of the sunshine tomorrow morning and taking a quick trip to the beach before our classes. Hopefully I'll still be able to wake up even from my lack of sleep! 


  1. Jen you look AMAZING. That dress fits great on you. I love that you didn't really accessorize it with a belt or anything. You just let it do its thaaanggg :) Good luck with the convention my dear! <3

  2. Good luck on your speech! Sounds like you really got a lot out of your experience.

    Actually kind of obsessed with these shoes. They're wonderful!

    Beach!? Sounds like so much fun. I can't wait until beach trips become the norm in the summer. Almost there! :)


  3. I love your hair! Anyway, your outfit is nice and simple. I like that you don't find the need to needlessly over accessorize.

  4. I hope that the convention went well! That's so impressive that you were in charge of the entire NJ district and I bet it went really well. It just means they'll be a whole new series of experiences that will be just at meaningful even when you miss this one! The warm weather was such a tease last week, I hope it warms up again soon, now that it's finally spring. Get some rest! xx


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