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Difficult to Leave, Impossible to Forget

This past weekend was New Jersey Circle K's 48th Annual District Convention and as District Governor I was pretty much the head honcho for the entire weekend. It would be too complicated to explain on my blog but basically all of the Circle K clubs within the state got together to celebrate our past year of service, leadership, and fellowship. We also elect the new District Board for the upcoming year! I spent the entire weekend running around the hotel like a hot mess because I'm a perfectionist when it comes to planning events. But in the end it was completely worth it because people were saying it was the best convention they've been to in a really, really long time - and this includes people that have been to these conventions for years and years. I could not be more proud of my entire District Board and all the members within the state.

I have never cried so much or felt so, so, so much love in one weekend. I'm still in amazement right now and, regardless of all the obstacles that came my way this past year, I've gotta be one of the luckiest people in the world. This weekend just reminds me that I can accomplish more than I ever hoped to (thanks to all of the help and support from the amazing people in my life) and that there are people in the world who love me - every single part of me. That's all I could ever hope for. I remember when I was giving my Governor's farewell speech on Sunday morning, I looked out at the crowd and I felt so incredibly proud.

Forever 21 Striped Top
Urban Outfitters Corduroy Skirt, Belt
Madewell Sandals

Now I'm back in my on-campus apartment and I'm trying to heal. I overexerted my body this past weekend and got barely enough sleep to function. As a result I've lost my voice and my entire body is in pain. I definitely need to rest up and get my health back in order. In the mean time, I took these outfit pictures about a week ago when I went dropped by home to visit my family before the convention. I haven't worn my Madewell shoes in the longest time so I took them out of their box while the weather was still beautiful.


  1. Congratulations! I'm glad the Circle K District Convention went so well and that you got well deserved love for all your effort as District Governor. I really like the look of your outfit in this post. The Forever 21 striped top coordinates beautifully with the Madewell sandals and I adore the look of the Urban Outfitters Corduroy Skirt. I hope you get the rest you need, heal up feel healthy and pain free quickly.

  2. very nice look! youthful and fun..

  3. I got really REALLY excited when I saw that you were wearing those Madewell shoes again :) I'm so so so glad everything went well, and of course the best convention in the past few years (or even EVER) would be the one you plan<3 I'm so proud of you Jen and all that you've accomplished and overcome this past year! Rest up soon my love!

  4. long time not opening any blog... miss to see ur style as well jen...


  5. Congratulations Jen! You have so much going for rock!

    I love the way your top mirrors your strappy shoes..fabulosa :D

  6. I love the simplicity of this outfit. I just found your blog, I'm following you with Bloglovin!

  7. The haircut suits you very much.
    Huiling Wen


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