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We Got a Good Thing

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous and all I want to do is run around outside and feel the cool breeze on my bare legs. Unfortunately, I'm currently sitting in class (and obviously paying attention) and I still have two more classes to go before I'm home free. By the time I get out of my last class the sun will have set and the temperature will have lowered. If only the weather was this nice on a day where I had more free time. Hopefully the weather will continue to be this beautiful for the next few days since my spring break starts tomorrow! I can't wait to catch up on hours and hours of lost sleep. Oh, and of course home cooking. Om noms.

Gap Chambray Shirt
Target Chevron Dress
Urban Outfitters Wedge Sandals
c/o Free Endearment Wallet

This wallet is another piece I received from lovely people over at Free Endearment for their style blogger challenge! If you haven't already gone over to their Facebook Page and voted for your favorite look (hint hint) then you should definitely go do that now! Just by voting you automatically get entered into a drawing for one of three of their gorgeous bags. It wasn't time for us to post a look with our second item yet but this wallet has literally never left my side since it arrived in the mail. I'm super stubborn about carrying a bag around so I always end up stuffing my cash and cards in my back pocket of my jeans (there's actually an outline of my ID in my pocket). Now I've finally found a wallet that I don't mind carrying around everywhere! It's small, simple, and there's a little bit of suede. In love? I think I am. <3


  1. LOVE the print of your dress and your shoes! :)
    The weather is quite nice here too...sadly I'm stuck on the couch in pain, haha

  2. The wallet completes your look perfectly!! :) I've voted for you, girl!! Looking amazing, in love with your dress...Target, oh how I love Target....

    Enjoy the warmth when you can and safe travels during Spring Break! nom nom

  3. this is so pretty!!

    I keep seeing that awesome dress online, and I'm so sad I don't live in a country with Target. it's so darn cute.

  4. You're too cute! & This wallet is lovely. I love the suede stripe too.

    Enjoy your Spring Break! :D


  5. That dress is super cute ^^ I wish our temps would rise up a bit too because I am SO sick of these tights by now! xo Nikki

  6. I love the dress you're wearing, awesome prints <3
    And the home cooking time always be a great time! I hope you enjoy your days, Jen!


  7. hei you look pretty =3
    been a long time not seeking your blog dear =3
    and we have the same shoes wii ^^
    and love the other post too =)
    smooochh .. XOX

  8. It looks like it was super nice out! Flirty dresses and open-toed shoes yay! (I'm glad you were able to get outside and have some fun; I was stuck in the basement of the studios on Thursday while all this nice weather was happening, sadness.) I hope that you had a really pleasant time this weekend and enjoy your spring break! xx

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