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March Madness

So while I'm waiting for my replacement camera to come in (goodbye, refund check!) I decided to share with you guys a few pictures from my phone during the month of March.

1. For St. Patrick's Day I headed into Philly with a few of my friends for their Erin Express Bar Crawl. One of my friends decided to wear her Irish flag as a cape which was beyond epic.
2. Erin Express Bar Crawl Insanity
3. My friend Margaret's 22nd Birthday!
4. NJ Circle K District Convention Planning Insanity - I left my printer unattended for 2 minutes and this was what I came back to.
5. Cathy's exhaustion during District Convention
6. The Hixson I was awarded and the giant picture frame my District Board put together for me :)
7. Raging post-District Convention
8. Um, Doritos Locos Tacos - best thing in the whole entire world?
9. Catching up with my friend Rob with some om noms
10. My life is Draw Something. Play me: jennifhsieh

Oh, and did I mention Instagram is finally available for Android phones? The obsession begins now.


  1. Why is Teddy so awesome?

  2. adding you onto instagram as eneeen :D

  3. Can't find you on Draw Something, Jen.

  4. I think I am obsessed with your fashion style. LOVE it. Keep it up. From, your new faithful blog reader. :)


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