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Guess Who's Back?

Jasmine and I haven't done a Dynamic Duo post in the longest time. In fact, the last time we collaborated on a post was back in November! We even missed our Dynamic Duo Two Year Anniversary back in February due to our horribly, hectic lives. To make up for it, we both picked out a new Dynamic Duo item a few days ago and I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. Until then, Jasmine and I decided to style up an old item of ours that we haven't worn lately: our sailor shirts! I love being able to share the same item in my closet with this girl - it keeps us connected even though we're miles apart from one another. Closet sisters? I think so! We're planning on visiting each other during this year. I really need some California sunshine in my life so I'm hoping I get a chance to fly over to the west coast. I haven't been on the west coast since I lived in California over ten years ago and I really miss it.

Urban Outfitters Top, Belt
Target Cardigan
Forever 21 Skirt
Aldo Wedges

Urban Outfitters Top
Gap Skirt, Belt
H&M Swedish Hasbeens Shoes
Hautelook Ring

Last Friday I realized that I have either misplaced my camera or had it stolen. I turned my apartment upside down looking for it and I haven't found it anywhere. I even looked inside my freezer and in-between my couch cushions! I was pretty much going insane. Due to this situation, please excuse my lack of outfit posts during the next few days. It has also been another crazy weekend which adds on to my lack of energy or motivation to post about what I'm wearing. I'm really hoping my camera turns up by then but for now I treated myself to a brand new camera with some money I was saving up. Cross your fingers for me! :)


  1. Wuoo that old blue top, welcome back to Dynamic Duo post! I miss you guys, you both should write more (:
    And I feel so sorry for your camera, I hope you get the new one SOON!
    Have a great day, Jen!


  2. Love this post. It's interesting to see both takes on the sailor skirts!

    x Joana

  3. you both look cute, love the shoes :)

  4. cute outfits! and i really hope you'll find your camera soon jen, i think i'd die if i lost mine!



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