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Abandoned on the Tracks

Last week, my friend Kirsten and I continued our tradition of discovering interesting locations around New Jersey and we tracked down this abandoned train car along the Delaware Canal Path. Apparently it's one of many train cars sitting on the tracks that run parallel to the river. From the looks of it, it's a popular spot for graffiti and shenanigans. Usually, Kirsten and I fail to find the place we're looking for (there really aren't addresses for abandoned places) so we were super excited that we managed to find this one.

Zara Cardigan
Heritage 1981 Dress
Urban Outfitters Belt
Aldo Wedges

Lately I've been addicted to How I Met Your Mother. I only started watching the series a few weeks ago and I'm hooked. Within a month I managed to get to the middle of Season 5! Probably not something to be proud of. I figured I would get around to watching the series before my life got incredibly busy again.

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  1. Oh my goodnes! What a beautiful location :) I love abandonned things, like many bloggers do. haha! Super cute outfit too! I adore you wedge brogues :) x

  2. Best shoot! I love your cardigan. <3

  3. oh that's such an interesting place to discover!
    love your outfit tooo

    style frontier

  4. I absolutely love the location of your shoot and your shoes are amazing!


  5. This is such a nice setting for a shoot and your outfit looks so apt for the background. You look so pretty :)

  6. love how your sweater matches the colors of the train! very nice!

  7. indeed! beautiful location for photoshoot. looking simply gorgeousss i love the plaids!

  8. You're totally a shenanigan, which is totally why you found this spot. ;) Haha! But seriously, this is such a cool location. I love the way the light filters through and gives it this amber color. It's so ancient and neat-like.

    Your dress is so cute and that photo of your wedges is awesome. You take the coolest shoe photos.

  9. What an interesting and artistic combination! You look so very clean, neat, pretty and stylish modeling the Heritage 1981 Dress with a Zara Cardigan in that eerily abandoned railway car as a setting.

    I've never seen the show "How I Met Your Mother. Maybe I should try watching an episode.

  10. Amazing pictures <3 classy and lovely as usual! x

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  11. aaa, u looks so pretty <3 love all the photos !

    if you don't mind please visit my blog!thank you then <3


  12. Ah! This makes me want to go hunt for abandoned areas near me (and so I can avoid creepy men!)! This is so awesome! I love how all these photos turned out! And this dress never gets old<3

  13. This is by far the best
    location for an OOTD
    I have ever seen from
    a blogger! So original
    and darn, I need to
    find a abandon shed
    warehouse or something!


  14. You look great! I love the elbow patches and those wedges...sigh, I love them so :)

    I actually heard of many abandoned spots in NJ but never had the chance to go check them out. I hope to find this abandoned train you speak of, since I've always wanted to take outfit shots in abandoned areas.


  15. Loving your outfit & photos! my first time visiting here & im ad your blog follwer now. =)

  16. such an amazing photo spot! they are hard to find in any city, but when you find something like this, it's worth it!

  17. I absolutely love the location of your shoot and your shoes are amazing!

  18. I love the way the light filters through and gives it this amber color. It's so ancient and neat-like.

  19. Wow!Ur black dress is looking so cute on your gives extra ordinary effect on ur body.Nice all pictures.


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