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A Picnic with Colonel Sanders

There's a beautiful pond on my University's campus called Passion Puddle and yesterday, Jeremy and I wandered over with some KFC to have a relaxing picnic. Having a picnic near the pond was on Jeremy's bucket list so we decided to cross it off before we wouldn't have a chance to return to campus again. Passion Puddle has a myth that comes along with it. Apparently, if you walk around it three times, holding hands with your significant other, you will live happily ever after. There are specific qualifications for the two people holding hands but Jeremy and I did it anyway, because what the hell. We do what we want.

We definitely overachieved when it came to our bucket of chicken. Actually, Jeremy wasn't to blame. I was the one who did the ordering. Who orders a 12-piece bucket, 2 large sides, and 6 biscuits for two people? Guess my eyes were way hungrier than my stomach. 

Top gift from Jeremy
Forever 21 Jeans
c/o Free Endearment Purse

Earlier in the day, I had also received my year's supply of Free Endearment bags that I won a few weeks ago by participating in their Style Blog Off Contest! I decided to take one of them out for a test run and I'm in love. Normally, I'm no where close to being a bag person. I shove everything I can into my pockets (and, occassionally, my bra) and hope for the best. But after a day with this beauty? Damn. Bags sure can carry a whole load of stuff.

I'll blog about the rest of my Free Endearment swag in a few days. I'll be giving one away next month so be on the look out for your chance to take one home! :)

Oh, and I normally really hate cheesy pictures on my blog, but I couldn't resist posting the last one.


  1. Cuteee pictures! =) X

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  2. Wonderful day you had!!!

  3. Maybe you were really, really hungry but then your hunger turned out not to be enough to cover all the food you bought hehe. My sister goes through a lot, she buys food when she's starving and then never manages to eat everything.

    I love these photos, you holding the chicken legs - priceless!

  4. look!! how sweet you are, guys!!! :) :) :)

  5. Teehee you did manage to get that top on your blog ;) This looks like so much fun! I love picnics! We'll have one at the beach when you get over here! <3

  6. Haha so cute! You're making me hungry!


  7. KFC chick-nics are the best! Belly rubbing good food and none of the work!

  8. beautiful pictures!!! u guys look so adorable together

  9. He's not unbelievably gorgeous (in my opinion), but he has someting, most definitely. But smoking...blergh. Anyway, yesterday I forgot to tell you I don't eat KFC. I haven't since I was a child. When I was a teen, I did one or two school projects about animals cruelty and KFC was the worst case scenario. Terrible. But I'm definitely not "against" people who eat there (don't worry, I still like you! hehe)

  10. Such sweet pics of the two of you! Haha my eyes are always bigger than my stomach too, I get so carried away :)

  11. nice nice photos. you look very happy, both of you actually. i hope i could circle that pond with my partner someday! :))


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