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Because I Really Fell For You

My first weekend as a "real working person" is coming to an end and I'm starting to remember that my bed time is approaching due to my early alarm. Having such long work days is causing me to shove as many activities into my weekend as possible. I spent my Saturday driving all over New Jersey to catch up with college friends, home friends, and high school friends.

My Saturday ended in the beautiful, urban city of Philadelphia. I always mean to spend more weekends visiting the area but I never seem to find time to make the trip down. My friend from high school, Kim, was turning twenty-two, so luckily I had the perfect reason to make a Philly trip! We had dinner at this gorgeous Italian lounge - it felt like we were sitting in Greece and sipping on fancy drinks. No big deal. One day I'll eventually venture to Greece and experience the actual thing. But for now, places like this are just as nice...especially with a handful of great friends.

Gap Chambray Shirt
Wet Seal Dress
Finale Heels
Urban Outfitters Ring
c/o Free Endearment Wallet

I'm super excited for this upcoming week. I'll be catching up with old and new friends for happy hours (which is what I live for as a working woman) and then celebrating a friend's graduation at the end of the week. My dad constantly asks me why I'm always running around town and making plans. I guess my life heavily revolves around the people I surround myself with and they're just such a big part of who I am and who I will become. Plus, they keep me sane. ;)


  1. How exciting! I am waiting for this week to end so that I can finally start my summer just catching up with my friends as well. I love your ensemble, especially those shoes!


  2. sounds like you really made the most of your weekend! I was in Greece a few weeks ago, and it is definitely one of my favourite places ever. it's especially fun if you can take your friends with you!

  3. I love that Wet Seal dress. It looks very pretty on you.
    Good luck with your work week and then with your fun weekend afterwards.

  4. A busy life, is a good life! Glad to hear you are having so much fun with frined :) I absolutely love this outfit. The nude tones and simplicity make it perfect! x

  5. Hope you'll be able to come to Greece one day! It's a great place for holidays, but not such a great one to live in... Anyway, it would be awesome to meet you! :D

  6. That chambray top is seriously one of my favorite pieces in your closet! You never fail to slip it over something and come up with something amazing :) And what's life without friends? Hearing about you visiting all your friends on the east coast makes me feel a little left out all the way over here hehe. One day... <3


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