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Guest Post: Despising Life is So Passe

(dress worn as shirt- f21, skirt- banana republic, shoes- bamboo)

Hello all you wonderful people, you! I hope you all are getting through your weeks quite all right. 
As Jen is one of the first bloggers I really communicated with when I first started blogging, it is always a pleasure to do these guest posts for her while she's away. And whenever I do, I make sure to add a hint of Jen style. The simple top paired with a cute skirt, heck yeah, that has Jen written all over it! 

This color-blocked pleated skirt is one of my absolute favorites. You guys, you have no idea how long I stalked it for at work. Until I gave in. Gosh darn it, I couldn't help myself. That's something I've been saying quite a bit these days--like after I consumed a half a dozen chocolate chip cookies, or didn't stop at just one burrito. Guilty. So guilty.

It's almost the weekend. Hang on there! And have a wonderful day! ♥


  1. You look so elegant! and damn girl, look at those legs. Killin' it. xo!

  2. You look beautiful! Love the elegant skirt. half a dozen not the correct amount of cookies per sitting?! :)


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