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I Wanna Be Forever Young

I spent this past weekend down by the shore to celebrate two of my friends' birthdays. On Friday night, Jeremy, my friend Maria, and I rented out an adorable, little condo that was two blocks away from the beach. We started off our night at Hook's which was a casual bar complete with pool tables, live music, and a pirate ship bar. It can't get better than that. Then we finally made our way down to Bamboo to celebrate my friend Danielle's 21st. The entire night was a bit of a blur and by the time we woke up the next morning I was ready to stay in bed for the entire day (which means it was one heck of a good time).

H&M Crop Top
American Apparel Shorts
c/o Blowfish Shoes Gypsy Sandals

By the time we were ready to function again, we decided to walk up and down the boardwalk to get some fresh air. I always love exploring the area underneath the boardwalk since there's plenty of shade and I love the look of wood that's endured all types of waves. By the time the sun set, we began to head over to my friend Tina's 22nd birthday celebration where we spent the whole night laughing into the wee hours of the night.

This is actually one of my favorite outfits of all time, mainly because it perfectly captures the essence of my personal style. I'm usually not a fan of pink but these shorts were en exception. I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight once I saw them (and once I saw the sale sticker).<3


  1. Love this outfit! The shorts especially. I was at the shore last weekend to and the weather was stunning. I hope you all had a great time celebrating new years :)

  2. I love the peachy hues of your outfit, you look so sweet :)

  3. Lovely outft. You look amazing in these pastel colours :))

  4. Those are quite an amazing pair of shorts! I love them!


  5. These shorts are so cute! I hope they still have them at AA. Glad you guys had a fun time :).


  6. D'aw! It sounds like a wonderful time. Those shorts of yours are adorable--they remind me of a carnival, or cotton candy, or something along the lines of that. :)

  7. I'm not usually a huge fan of pink either but I am definitely in love with this outfit. It is so sweet and soft, like an icecream. Cropped shirts and shorts are my summer round outfit of choice.

    Sounds like an awesome weekend.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  8. I love this outfit, especially the short

  9. I would love to walk
    underneath the
    boardwalk! I love
    beaches and so nice
    that you rent a

    Nice outfit, love
    the pink shorts!


  10. Those shorts are so cute! Love the sweet and casual outfit as usual <3 x

  11. you look so cute in pink! aaand that sounds like a fantastic little vacay :)

  12. those shorts are adorable
    and it's so cute to see you in glasses :)
    glad to hear you had a heck of a good time!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  13. I love these shorts (and the whole outfit). I never used to like pink on me but I've been loving it lately. You look so cute in those glasses too! Have a lovely week!


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