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Waiting for the Right Time

It feels good to be back home, although the week in New Orleans has temporarily broke me. I'm beyond exhausted from lack of sleep, early mornings, busy days, and wild nights. I've resorted to consuming energy drinks to keep my head from hitting my keyboard at work. At least I don't have to go into the office tomorrow since it's Independence Day. I'm going to use that time to catch up on all the sleep I missed and catch up with my family. I'll talk about my NOLA adventures later one, once I sort through all my pictures!

Gap Chambray Shirt
Urban Outfitters Top
c/o Princess Vera Wang Shorts
c/o Pink & Pepper Ruffle Flats

Recently, I received some samples of Princess Vera Wang's Fall 2012 collection. As many of you know, Kohl's collaborated with Vera Wang to release her Simply Vera Wang collection, targeted at women. Now, Kohl's and Vera Wang are collaborating again to put together a collection for young women (junior's): Princess Vera Wang. The collection will be available on July 9th and I'm already loving the pieces they sent over. They are very girly with a variety of textures and patterns. I'll be giving away a purse and jewelry from the collection later this week, so be on the look out for that!


  1. Welcome home! I can't wait to see your adventures later on from your trip and I am in love with your Vera Wang shorts and your tassel flats!


  2. I really like these shoes. Definitely a cool piece to style later. Rest up tomorrow!


  3. Hooray, Jen is back! Welcome home, lovely. :D Be sure to sleep in this morning okay?!

    Awesome loafers you've got there--they're so shiny and fun! Tassels are such the perfect detail.

  4. Beautiful Pictures Jen. I love those shorts. You look all cute & girly & fun in them!

  5. Those shorts are too cute! :) Yay I'm glad you're back!!

  6. Super cute outfit, I love all the different textures present and how casual it is– I think I'm going to end up liking the pieces from the Kohls/Vera Wang new collab as well! Looking forward to hearing about NOLA and seeing photographs, it's good to have you back! xx

  7. Welcome back, Jen! We missed you!
    Whoaa you shud take more rest then, don't ruin your body. I wish you will have a great time at home. Anyway I realised your hair grows so fast!


  8. You look adorable! Your shorts are lovely : )


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