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The Home of the Brave

Did I overdo it on being patriotic today? Perhaps. At least I'm not wearing a flag wrapped around my body and running around singing the national anthem. Or at least it wasn't captured on camera and posted on my blog. ;)

This year I stayed home and watched the annual firework show from my window. I'm lucky I have the perfect view even miles away. My grandmother is currently visiting us and I haven't seen her since before I started college. It's nice having her around and I know my dad likes having her stay with us, even for only a little bit. I know when I'm older, I'm going to love having my parents visit. Having my grandmother around makes me visit I was more studious when it came to learning Chinese. I can understand everything perfectly, but my vocabulary is pretty limited. Hopefully I'll get better with my words after talking to her some more.

c/o Ali & Kris Top
Urban Outfitters Skirt
Modcloth Bralette (under Top)
Bakers Shoes Heels
Forever 21 Necklace

So I've realized that I've recently begun to wear more and more patterns and bold colors. Commuting back and forth from NYC in the summer heat is exhausting; therefore, I keep my outfits simple and light. Just to make sure my outfits don't get too boring, I rely on colors and patterns to liven things up. I recently got a few samples from Ali & Kris which is a brand based in Times Square. Everything is a really bright print and made with a light fabric so I'm super excited. I'll probably be giving away one of the tops at some point this month. What's the fun in getting samples if I can't share the love? :)

Also, speaking of giveaways, make sure you're checking all the giveaway posts to see if you're a winner! Whenever I post a new giveaway, I always announce who the winner of the previous giveaway is. If it's you, make sure to email me so I can get your information. 


  1. Oh I absolutely love your heels! Are they super comfortable? That skirt has such a subtle yet adorable pattern to it!


  2. Yup we are TOTALLY switching, and I love it (for you at least. I, on the other hand, need to step my game up!)! You look AMAZING in colors and prints! :) I love this top on you! I'm so happy for you and all the success you've been getting from you blog--it's about damn time guuurrrrl ;) And I love that you're still reaching out to us common folk and sharing your success<3 You're absolutely amazing Jen! I miss you so so so much!

  3. i love your necklace! i've been looking for a necklace like it to wear with collared tops like you did here. :)

  4. I have the perfect view even miles away. My grandmother is currently visiting us and I haven't seen her since before I started college.

  5. Dude, those heels. Every time I see them in your posts, I melt over them. I decided to buy them, but can't seem to find them on the Bakers web site. Can you give me a style name? Then they'll be mine! Mwahhaha

  6. I don't think this outfit is over-done at's super cute!! That's awesome that your getting to spend time with your grandmother. I am the same way with speaking/understand Spanish. I can understand everything but can't really speak it well.

  7. Absolutely lovingggg seeing you in more colours and prints, it's working and feels quite summery. I hope you're enjoying your grandmother's visit and of course, work– please get plenty of rest! Have a good weekend! xx

  8. Beautiful shoes, gorgeous outfit,

    am following your blog, your hair looks really nice,

    hope you can follow me too and leave your precious comments

  9. I reallyyyy like your shoes. These are the perfect pair of black heels. You can never have too many of those in your closet.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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