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Bug Bites and Construction

I've been feeling pretty under the weather for the past few days so I've been working from home. Jeremy and I planned to go to the Pocono's this weekend so I'm hoping I feel well enough by the time we leave to set sail. Crossing my fingers! I've been periodically taking medicine, sleeping, and checking my email. Jeremy came over early to keep me company for a bit since we're leaving later this evening. Hopefully by the time I wake up in the Poconos tomorrow morning, I'll be ready for a long day of kayaking, canoeing, or hiking. My sickness will not defeat my adventures.

Gap Chambray Shirt
ASOS Polka-Dot Dress
c/o Blowfish Shoes Wedges

This is one of my all-time favorite photo locations. I usually come here with my tripod (i.e. here and here) but this time I had Jeremy on hand to snap some shots. There was always a construction area right near by (if you remember, I took pictures with the bulldozer and crane like a psycho) but now there's already the exterior shell of an upcoming shopping center standing in its place.

I love seeing how the area changes with the seasons. I've never taken pictures here when the flowers were in bloom so it was a shock to see so much yellow when I showed up. And guess what comes with beautiful flowers? Tons of bugs. And me? I'm incredibly prone to getting bug bites, even when no one else does. I like to think my Asian skin is just especially tasty (fried rice, anyone?). Woe is me. Now my legs are covered in band-aids so I don't scratch myself but IT'S ALL WORTH IT FOR OUTFIT PICTURES. AMIRITE?


  1. I love how you styled your dress with a top tied at the waist! :)


  2. I love how you styled your dress with a top tied at the waist! good looking

  3. I love all the photos. You look really happy in them despite the mosquitos and feeling sick. I hope you feel better for your kayaking canoeing or hiking. I love that swingy ASOS Polka-dot dress! I guess you wouldn't have wanted to get insect repellant on something that pretty. Your outfit photos in that setting came out wonderfully.

  4. Oh my!! I hope that you're well soon so that your adventuring is ultra super fun times. Kayaing, canoeing, and hiking?! That sounds so fun. You're such a wilderness woman. ;D

    This location is so preeeetty for picture, eep~ I love those yellower floweres! And your polka dotty dress, of course.

  5. Beautiful location. Very funny about the fired rice skin!
    Hopefully you're feeling better and were able to enjoy your weekend!

  6. I love these shots! It's so pretty with the flowers!!
    And I'm the opposite, I don't usually get bites but they do fly all around me. My sister is the one who always gets bitten

  7. I don't usually get bites but they do fly all around me. My sister is the one who always gets bitten

  8. Jen, your dress is so pretty and refreshing!! I am such a huge fan of polka dots, and I don't usually see them in green. So pretty. :)
    And ah, hope you get better so you can have loads of fun in Pocanos!

    ♥ x i x i a |

  9. you look so stunning and beautiful with that lovely dress and shoes! <3 i hate bugs too D:

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