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Haters Gonna Hate

The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do what I'm writing about except for the fact that it might be the most perfect caption for the first picture. I've actually started to realize that I look super unenthusiastic in the majority of outfit pictures I take at home. It might be because it's just the way my face look. Or it might be because it's always 6:30 AM when I take my pictures and I'm about ready to crawl back into my covers and sleep for four more hours.

c/o Lulu*s Heart Print Cardigan (similar)
Urban Outfitters Black Dress (similar)
Forever 21 Belt (similar)
c/o Pink & Pepper Ruffle Loafers

The weather this weekend is looking pretty lousy which is a huge disappointment considering my plans. I'll be in the city all of tonight and Saturday and Saturday was originally full of epic, epic, epic plans. Like, you have no idea how epic it is. It was Jeremy's 22nd birthday yesterday so I decided to plan out an entire day in the city free of charge. I scoured the internet for things to do and I'm crossing my fingers the thunderstorms stay away. From the looks of the clouds hanging overhead and the weather forecasts, we might get stuck in the rain. At this point, nothings going to ruin my plans. Bring it on thunder, you will not defeat my day of epic proportions.


  1. I absolutely love your shoes and your sweater!


  2. Love the heart cardigan and your loafers! Super cute.
    I can't wait to hear more in detail about your epic, epic plans! xx

  3. GIRL are you flipping yo hair at me? Girl. GIRL.

    It's okay. I deserve it.

    Also, you sure look good for 6:30am. I naturally rise at 7am so the fact that you're ready and taking pictures half an hour before I awake from sleeping is quite amazing. That cardigan is just adorable. You always rock black and white so well!~

  4. I LOVE that sweater ! So cute and perfect for every season!

    Love your blog, following now!



  5. I love all your outfit pictures, simple & classy.
    You don't look unenthusiastic at all.
    I say you look gorgeous. :D

  6. Totally agree with Ali up there. You look good at 6:30! I'm still sleeping haha. I've always loved that cardigan! And I really like this outfit. Since I've been so into neutrals lately, I might just have to recreate this somehow. Thunder and rain got nothing on you ;) This weekend will be fun no matter what!

  7. Love his outfit! And I hope the weather is nice for your plans, stupid rain....

  8. I love that cardigan. Its cute!!

    I hope that your plans don't get trumped by the rain. :)

  9. Oh gosh, I just stumbled upon your blog, and I really love your style!! Your hearts cardigan is too precious.
    And ah, that sounds like such fun! When you say city, do you mean The City ( New York ) ? :)

    ♥ x i x i a |

  10. I'm completely in love with the simpleness of your outfit, but you still look stunnig jen! x

    crunchy cheese me

  11. That heart print cardigan is ADORABLE! I just ordered a similar one (in burgundy) from ASOS, but it's way too heavy to wear now... this post makes me excited to sport it this fall! You look super cute! And props to you for doing photos at 6am... ugh!

  12. It was definitely an epic epic epic weekend. No worries there.

  13. i can't imagine waking up at 6 to take outfit photos! i wait till, like, 7 pm lol.

    loooove your jumping photo! amazing timing. i suck at jumping photos (but they're my favorite). and haha, sometimes i look unenthusiastic too-- ehh. you can't smile all the time.

    erica | sweets + hearts

  14. 6:30? You're my superhero. Send me some of that motivation please. I'm seriously amazed. I adore that cardigan! I have a black one from F21 in reverse. Ugh! Sweaters. I'm ready for fall, I think.

  15. cute look! I love the print of your cardigan and those flats!


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