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A 22nd Birthday in Brooklyn

Last Thursday was Jeremy's 22nd Birthday and this is the first time I properly celebrated it with him out of the four years I've known him. Instead of getting him a physical gift, I decided to plan an entire day in the city for him this past Saturday. Remember how I was worried about the weather getting in the way of all the epic plans? The weather was absolutely amazing and we even got a little tan. Jackpot.

Just like any other trip into the city with Jeremy, the day started at our favorite Dim Sum restaurant, Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Over the past two years we've noticed that the prices have slightly increased and the restaurant always crowds up quicker than usual. I guess that's what happens when your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant gains in popularity. We still enjoyed our usual noms though.

Next we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn (of course). It's something that's always been on my bucket list and I thought the view would be the perfect place for Jeremy to test out his new camera that he got for his birthday. A few sections of the bridge seemed to be under construction and there were so many tourists everywhere...but at the same time, I guess we can be considered tourists as well? At least...for now. And the first thing on our Brooklyn adventure check-list? KAYAKING.

I love being so close to the water without diving in. There's something about just drifting right along the surface of the river that makes you feel like you're a part of it. I've never been kayaking before and it was on my joint bucket list with Jeremy so we got to cross that off! And to make it even more epic, we were surrounded by the beautiful Manhattan skyline.

After we finished a round of kayaking, I led Jeremy into Brooklyn Heights to go thrifting at Housing Works Thrift Shop. What really led me to pick this thrift shop was that 100% of their proceeds fund their fight to end AIDS and Homelessness. Jeremy picked up two pretty nifty blazers while I took home a straw hat and some sweet Converses. 

By this point in the day our feet were getting sore so we took a rest on some steps (which was just as nice as everything else we had accomplished earlier that day). There's something about just enjoying the atmosphere of Brooklyn Heights. It has the same city vibe that Manhattan has but it's more peaceful and relaxing. I definitely want to live in Brooklyn at some point during the next few years.

After our mini-break, I let Jeremy pick out a place for dinner. I didn't finalize the plans or write down the places I had originally selected and, at that point, I think I was a little too tired of planning to make a decision. We settled on Tutt Cafe which was a quiet, little Middle Eastern restaurant. The food was delicious and I'm pretty sure I had the best pita bread of my life (so far). Yum.

And the grand finale for the night? I had bought two tickets for us to go see Terminator Too Judgement Party which was a low-budget reenactment of Terminator 2 where the Terminator was an audience member voted on by the audience. The guy who ended up being picked had an awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger accent and it was a lot funnier than I thought it would end up being. Oh, and everyone was in ponchos due to all the fluorescent water being shot out of water guns during the entirety of the performance. Win.

You can read Jeremy's account of the day on his blog, Bended Brains. And could this post be any more picture-heavy? Happy 22nd Birthday, Jeremy. :)


  1. This is adorable! I think you win some kind of award for being an awesome girlfriend. Heck, I'd love this kind of adventure! You make me want to visit NYC so badly.

  2. AWE this is so awesome. You're such an awesome person to do all of this. I love the idea of spending tim eiwth someone instead of a physical gift--much more memorable. :)

  3. This sounds & looks like such a perfect day! I love spending days like this in the city with my boyfriend. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge has been on my summer list, I'm hoping we can go tomorrow. Maybe there won't be so many tourist..?

  4. I think you win the award for being sweetest girlfriend (and I'm sure Jeremy agrees)! You both look like you had an amazing time; thanks for sharing with us! Happy birthday to Jeremy and I hope he goes above and beyond to spoil you on YOUR day! ;)


  5. Yesss, that's so good to hear that it didn't end up raining! It sounds like you planned such a wonderful birthday for Jeremy and it looks you both really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing these photographs and pieces of the memories you made this weekend with us (:

  6. These images are wonderful. Your blog has a great aesthetic!

  7. Your skirt looks so gorgeous. It doesnt look so colorful yet it is matching well.

  8. Thank goodness for that woman though, since we ended up getting some amazing shots.


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