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The Time I Fell in Love with a Sweater

This is the outfit I wore to the Tumbler & Tipsy Fashion show a few nights ago. Now that the Fall weather is rolling around I'm starting to get super excited about wearing chunky knits, rich autumn hues, and (soon enough) tights! To celebrate the start of the chillier season, I picked up this slouchy, slightly baggy sweater from H&M and I can't seem to stop wearing it. It's actually a slight problem. I love that it's baggy with sleeves that are just a tad bit too long. I'm a sucker for anything oversized (for the most part).

H&M Sweater (similar), Skirt (similar)
c/o OASAP Purse
c/oWayfair Wedges
Urban Outfitters Ring

I'm been super behind lately on updating my blog because I never seem to have a solid fifteen minutes to sit down and write. Actually, I seem to have enough time to sit down for an hour to watch Mad Men...but that's a different story. How can you resist Don Draper? I've got a ton of posts and outfits to share with you guys so be excited. Be very excited.

Now that I've been living in the city for two weeks, I'm really starting to adjust to being a "New Yorker" (calling myself a New Yorker probably just lost me two points). I still have to explore my neighborhood more and figure out where the bars and shops are, but I've got plenty of time! I actually had an apartment warming party on Friday and a good handful of my friends made the trek up to East Harlem (which I thoroughly appreciated). We walked quite a while to find some bars, but that's mainly because I didn't do my research. It was fun nevertheless and I'm really glad I got to see everyone. Cheers to amazing friends. :)


  1. love the skirt and the shoes is pretty. :)

    Irene Wibowo

  2. Lovely skirt, you look so different in the second photo.

  3. tehehe awww you're a New Yorker!~ how cute, I hope you're having lots of fun being one. <3

    That sweater looks so darn COZY and soft. It looks so great with the burgundy and this outfit is perfect for a transition into fall.

    I can't wait for tights, either--soon!

  4. I love your makeup, Jen! Your hair grows faster and faster! And that's a really comfy sweater... (:


  5. Wow that sweater looks so comfy! And woohoo for getting used to your neighborhood. As much as I want to work in the city I don't know if I would be able to handle it (the subway still scares me...)

  6. Nobody can resist Don Draper. You are fully justified. I love the colour of your skirt. I'm looking forward to wearing warm colours again. Hurray for fall!


  7. What a perfect autumn outfit! I'm loving maroon this season, and that skirt is perfect!

  8. Great pictures! Gotta love the changing seasons. I hope you had an awesome housewarming!

  9. Aww Jen! I'm so glad you had a good time this past NYFW...a little sad (okay a lot sad) that I wasn't there with you, but I loved your NYFW posts! :) That sweater is so cozy! I got a similar one from H&M last year and I wore it a lot! That bag reminds me of my Madewell one :)

  10. I love your laid back look! Love the off the shoulder sweater!


  11. I'm so with you on the chunky fall feel! Since moving to San Francisco from Minnesota (yep, Minnesota), I've missed that transition into colder weather. I'll have to do it vicariously through you this year!

    P.S. I've been dreaming about dropping everything and moving to NYC, so I'm excited to see what adventures you have!


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