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Just Dance 4 by Tumbler and Tipsy

Earlier this week I had the chance to attend the Just Dance 4 Fashion Show featuring the newest Tumbler and Tipsy line (designed by Michael Kuluva). All the looks were inspired by the energy and feel of Just Dance 4 which I was tempted to try out before the show began. I'm pretty sure I would have made a fool out of myself in public though, especially in my wedges.

Kris Jenner and Lance Bass were also at the show and my friend Rachel and I were a little bit starstruck. Kris' daughter, Kendall, was one of the girls walking the show so she came along to show her support. Another star of the show was Alex Morgan, an olympic gold medalist from the U.S. Soccer team! The first looks that Kendall and Alex wore were specifically inspired by the Just Dance 4 box art! And I can't forget Cher Lloyd who started off the show with her single, "Want U Back". You can check out a few of my favorite looks from the night below:


  1. 1. LANCE BASS?!
    2. Loving the volume of the skirts down the runway
    3. I'm so envious that you got to go to NYFW! :)


  2. So cool! These pictures are gorgeous...Fashion Week should hire you!
    The spiked microphone and dress with the top hat are my favorite items from the show. Top hat pic is stunning.
    Nice work!

  3. These colours are amazing! I love that huge gown. It's beautiful.


  4. the photos are GORGEOUS!!!


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