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Watch You Walk in Circles

Zara Polka Dot Shirt (similar)
Modcloth Dress
Kenneth Cole Watch
ASOS Sandals

I went home last weekend and it turns out my friend Kirsten, who recently moved to Philadelphia, was back home as well! We decided to catch up and she helped me run some errands that I had to do for work. While we were out and about the downtown area, she snapped a few shots of my outfit (which is obviously errand-running appropriate). My face isn't present in any of the pictures because I was feeling pretty insecure about it while editing them. We all have those days.

Even though I've only been living on my own for almost a month now, it was super nice to go home, see my family, and get some home cooking in my stomach. Noms. I slept way more than I do in the city and it was nice not waking up at the break of dawn to the sounds of cars zooming by and garbage trucks going about their usual business. But speaking of my apartment, I think I'm almost done with decorating my room so I'll be taking pictures to show you guys! Don't hold your breath though, it's still pretty barren.


  1. Aweee, I'm excited to see your pretty little room! I'm sure it will be lovely, just as you are~~ :D :D

    This is a cute little errand running outfit (much more stylish than my go-to shorts and random shirt errand outfit, hahaha). I seriously adore that watch... navy and gold, CLASSSY LADY.

  2. This is a really cute outfit, I think its great!
    Yay for seeing old friends, I hope I can do that soon...

  3. I hope things only get easier for you! Love the outfit!


  4. great outfit. love the dress jen!

  5. love the top :)

  6. This outfit it perfect. I love the sandals and the watch. You look lovely.


  7. You look so amazing in this amazing shirt <3

  8. Awesome outfit! You are beautiful, so don't get down on yourself :)
    Hopefully you brought some home cooked food back to the city with you too.

  9. i like the sandals.. :) nice outfit. :)
    Irene Wibowo

  10. Congrats on your own apartment! That's so exciting! It's definitely always nice to have some yummy home-cooked meals. I love your shirt, by the way. It's so cute and classic!


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