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Dynamic Duo in Autumn

Old Navy Cardigan
Modcloth Striped Top
H&M Skirt (similar)
c/o OASAP Bag
c/o Pink and Pepper Loafers (similar)

H&M Cardigan, Belt
Modcloth Striped Top
Urban Outfitters Skirt (similar)
Aldo Loafers

It's been almost half a year since Jasmine and I last did a Dynamic Duo post. The past summer has been incredibly hectic for the both of us dealing with personal issues and dramatic life changes. She started up graduate school and student teaching while I moved into New York City to shorten my work commute. Our Dynamic Duo posts came to a halt until one day...Modcloth had an epic sale. Despite both of our shopping bans, in an effort to save money, we separately hit up the sale and snagged a few items for cheap. And when we found out we both broke our bans, we compared items and discovered that we both bought the same exact, striped top. Destiny? I think so.

I can't wait until our next Dynamic Duo. We're thinking of reusing an old Dynamic Duo item - are there any that you want to see styled up again? Let us know and we'll style up whatever gets the most votes (that is, if I have it in NYC with me). ;)


  1. Yayy! You both look awesome in the shirt! So funny that you both bought the same one :)
    (and I have that H&M skirt too!)

  2. What a coincidence! You two styled the top so wonderfully, too! :)


  3. love both outfits :)

  4. I really love your shoes, they look s amazing ! :)

  5. Awe, too cute, too cute, you girls always are! I love how you both opted for such lovely autumn colors. Jasmine's belt is the perfect color with the top, and Jen, your skirt is just the prettiest shade of maroon. And the fact that you're both wearing tassled loafers is ADORABLE.

    I really enjoy these posts~

  6. How crazy that you two bought the same blouse! The colors are perfect for fall, and I love how you two both styled it differently, yet both matched the colors of the shirt!

  7. So cool! It's great to see how a style can be used in different ways

  8. You both look super cute! :) Love the shoes!

  9. yey a dynamic duo post! :)
    i love how both of you decided to wear loafers in different materials and colors. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  10. You both look fantastic! I love the colors in both of your outfits. I love your blog, and I am a new follower!! xo

  11. cute shoes!


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