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Through My Instagram Lens

1. I stopped by the Union Square Greenmarket and picked up some Cockscomb flowers for Jeremy's mom. Aren't they gorgeous? They're called Cockscomb flowers since they resemble a rooster/cock's comb on their chin. I think they look more like a coral reef but to each their own.
2. After working at my company for over four months, I finally got around to making my desk feel like home. I brought in a pencil holder and a picture frame, containing pictures of Jeremy and myself.
3. I felt like a heart-printed Dalmatian the other day with my favorite cardigan. It was a maxi dress kind of day (although it's a bit thin, so I'll need to get a slip to wear underneath it).
4. It was a polka-dot and Pink & Pepper loafer kind of day. I stealthily took this one in the subway.
5. While hitting up some bars this past Sunday, I noticed a comedy club called The Comic Strip with a stage set up on top of their canopy. Kind of epic.
6. Every Friday at work, we have Name Tag Fridays, since our company is growing so fast. This past Friday the question was "what makes you smile?".
7. My love for colored denim will never end. Hello, oxblood pants!
8. I met up with a few Jersey friends during my friend Rachel's 23rd birthday celebration in downtown NYC.
9. What I wake up to every single morning. Obviously, it was a weekend, since I was up so late.
10. I was missing Jeremy (and also feeling a bit cold) so I wore his sweater that we thrifted way back when. It shrunk in the wash so now it fits me better. ;)

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  1. love the name tag fridays idea!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

  2. That name tag Friday's thing is so cool!! I'm loving all these shots, instagram really is a wonderful thing ;)

  3. You look like so much fun! I love that last photo. That is a wonderful sweater.


  4. You seem to have a wonderful instagram!
    I'll look up for you :)


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  5. Those flowers!!! :)

  6. wonderful photos! You have such great style, I love your outfits!

  7. I love the first picture with the Cockscomb flowers. They're fancy and as I like coral reefs I like them too. Your drawing is wonderful and I think it speaks a bit about you. Hugs from Miss Maple

  8. FLOWERS!!~ we share a love for flowers, Jen. We totally do. Those are gorgeous! Cockscomb~~ so pretty. I haven't heard of those before, but I sure like 'em! They kind of look like abstract hydrangeas.

  9. I spent my summer in New York and I'm SO jealous of you -- Union Square Greenmarket is one of my favorite spots!
    xo Josie

  10. That heart printed sweater is adorable! :3


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