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Snippets of my Friday Morning

SammyDress Denim Shirt
Urban Outfitters Tank
Forever 21 Infinity Scarf, Jeans
Topshop Belt
Jeremy's Necklace as a bracelet

Since I barely have time to take actual outfit pictures any more (I shake my fist at you, earlier sunset!), I figured I could always take snippets of my outfit in the mornings before I head off to the daily work grind. If you're wondering about the necklace I'm wearing on my wrist, I'm not actually Jewish. If you guys remember, Jeremy gave me his necklace last summer when he studied abroad in Turkey for the summer. Now that's he's back in Turkey teaching abroad for ten months, I have the necklace again.

And please excuse me for the next paragraph while I act like a complete girl. My newest sponsor is SammyDress and it's my first time ordering from a wholesale retailer. What do I love about it? Everything is incredibly cheap. Like, insanely cheap. I got this denim shirt and an oxblood polka dot dress for a total of $13. Now I'm lusting over some of their $1-3 necklaces. I have come across a gold mine. Even my co-workers can't help but fawn over their selection. The only downside? They ship all the way from China and the shipping is incredibly slow. But in my world of having a tiny budget, this works just fine for me. As long as I order something that I know I'll be wearing in three weeks, then I'm good to go. Now excuse me while I go on an affordable shopping spree.

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  1. No! Stop! I don't need to do more online shopping... But why does everything there have to be so cheap? Damn you, Jen! <3

  2. Love the necklace as a bracelet!
    And gotta love inexpensive clothes...I'll be checking out SammyDress pronto. Thanks, Jen!

  3. Nice necklace/bracelet c:
    Great pictures as usual!


  4. Doesn't shipping cost a bomb though? since it's all the way from China

  5. Kendra, regular shipping is actually only $7 and you can add on insurance or a tracking number for $1-2 more. The quickest shipping is a total of $15. :)

  6. Interesting way to take pictures of your outfit!))

  7. Awww, that necklace is so sweet! and so dainty and pretty, too. I do like these snippets from your morning and the creamy soft bokeh that they have!

  8. $1-3 necklaces?!! SIGN ME UP!

    I love how you wore Jeremy's necklace as a bracelet, so cute!

  9. when i saw the necklace, i immediately wondered if you were jewish.haha!

    this is a great idea..taking snippets when there's no time to take outfit shots (or no good light to do so). love the movement in the a dream.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  10. you have a lot of shoes.. It's pretty.. :)
    Irene Wibowo

  11. great blog :))
    xoxo Jules

  12. The shop seems to be very cool!

    Please let me know, if you want to follow each other via Bloglovin, facebook and gfc :)
    Leave a comment and I promise to follow back :)

  13. oh gosh, your blog is so cute! i love your photographs!

    lindsey louise

  14. Oh man, SammyDress is a wonderful, cheaply-priced online store! I spent so long on there just browsing...haha
    Anyway, love that infinity scarf and your belt. Plus, the bracelet is so pretty ♥

    Trendy Teal

  15. Definitely going to have to steal this idea... :)

  16. I love the new pattern on the top of your blog! And that you have such a sweet memento from Jeremy. I hope you guys get to see each other soon!


  17. Oooh, love these snipits~ You have great photos~


  18. Love these snippets! Love all the pieces of your outfit too :)

  19. Oh good. Time for some online shopping! :)


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