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22nd Birthday Wish List


Just because I've been on a shopping ban doesn't mean I can't window shop online, right? Since my birthday is coming up at the end of next week, I decided that I would treat myself to something for once. I already picked up some Sony headphones this past weekend and I'm thinking of snatching up something from this list! What do you guys think I should treat myself to?

Also, for my fellow Parks and Recreation fans: TREAT YO SELF!


  1. These look like Zara heels! They've been on my wishlist for so long now! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. So many choices!! I love the Zara heels of course but I think the turtleneck might be a good present to yourself. It's cozy and I'm sure you could find multiple ways to wear it. And LOL Treat Yoself Two Thousand Elevennn, love it.

  3. great picks!! I would love all those things too. and just like everyone else, I freaking love those zara heels and have been lusting after them for a while. sigh.

  4. I love it! I'm again reminded of how similar our taste in clothing can be, even though we wear everything with our own flair :) Happy early birthday, beautiful!


  5. Girl, treat yo self! You deserve it. I really love those boots and I think they'd be so lovely on you... then again, I always gravitate toward shoes. That skirt is really versatile-looking, toOooO! <3

  6. Great wishlist! I totally agree on that lovely black midi skirt and those Zara heels :)

    <3 Cambria

  7. happy early birthday!!!! i hope you have a most wonderful day! oh, and i am loving number 9 :)


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