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You and I, We Were Born to Die

Gap Jacket (similar)
Sleeveless Blouse c/o OASAP
Forever 21 Jeans
Gabriella Rocha Abarne Booties

It's officially Friday! Well, at least it is in the world of Jen. Just earlier this week, my company decided to make all birthdays official holidays. My birthday is tomorrow. Can you say perfect timing? I scheduled my back-ups, finished up any extra work I had to get done, and I'll be spending my birthday (tomorrow) sleeping in and doing absolutely nothing. I'm contemplating treating myself to one of those silly Groupon Spa/Massage deals. I've been having bad back pains ever since I started working since I sit at my desk for the majority of the day. I don't want to turn into a hunchback so a massage might be the right idea.

Also, my mom said I looked like I was going on an African safari in this outfit. Nothing wrong with a little adventure. ;)


    Like last year, your bday present will be way belated but it will get to you in the near future! :) And that's such an awesome policy to have your birthday as a holiday! More companies should do that!

    Jacket, blouse, scarf, and skinny jeans has been my uniform lately! It's such an easy outfit and you do it so well :) AND this post reminds me that I need to wear my booties out...!

    Love you!!!!

  2. Whoa, birthdays off from work?? That's basically the best thing ever! I hope you have an amazing, relaxing birthday! <3 xx

  3. Hello, Jenn! I super love this outfit simply because I love shades of brown clothes. You've done well with combining pieces of clothings. I love your style, seriously!!

    Also, advance happy birthday to you!! :)

  4. Jen, this is such a crisp/casual look. i'm so fond of booties this season, they work with just about everything and yours are great! so glad it's Friday tomorrow, you have no idea's been one looong week.

    happiest birthday wishes to you! i think the day you've got planned sounds right perfect :) cheers to blissful adventures taking you all the way to that awesome sounding massage appointment too. ♥

  5. Loving this outfit! And I wish my job did that! But my birthday was in October so it doesn't matter ;)
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday, massages are always a good idea ;)

  6. I think that is a fantastic work policy! People shouldn't have to work on their birthdays!

    Happy Birthday!

  7. ahhh I love ankle booties! these are great!
    happy early birthday!!

  8. Happy birthday! Sounds like you've got a great day planned.

    Love your jacket with your crisp white button down.
    Chic on the Cheap

  9. Happy Birthday Jenn! I really like how you added an extra dimension to your outfit with the chunky scarf and the large buttons on your blouse, subtle yet effective. As soon I read the title, I half thought you were going to a Lana Del Rey concert for your B-day, but enjoy your massage instead :)


  10. Happy Birthday! It's awesome that you get birthdays off from work. Your mum's African safari comment is so cute haha.

  11. I think it´s already your birhtday now!!! So happy birthday to you. Lovely casual look <3


  12. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Loving these booties!

  13. Happy birthday! I love visiting your blog, you always have the cutest outfits!

  14. Oooh, happy early birthday!! Sounds like you have a great day planed :) I'd say totally go for the spa deal!

  15. Happy birthday! Enjoy the day off. I feel you on the massage thing...for the big 2-5 next summer, I'm using a vacation day and doing a full-on spa day to treat myself :)

  16. Well Happy Birthday Jenn! I'm so glad you get a day off! That sounds like the best gift ever.

    Also I'm loving all the neutrals. And I would totally dress as if I was going on safari. I love adventure.

  17. Happppy Birthday to you!
    Happpppy Birthday to you!
    Happpppppy Biiirthday dead Jennifer Hsieh,
    Happy you!
    Ba doop ee doo!

  18. advanced happy birthday! You better indulge, indulge, indulge! :) LOVING this "adventurous" look! especially the boots!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  19. Does your company have an opening and would they like to hire me? HAha, I'm only partially serious, but that's really awesome and such a sweet out reach to employees and I'm for sure great for morale. Happy birthday to you - our birthdays are very close! I love your outfit - those booties are just adorable, so simple but lovely

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  20. happy almost birthday, lovely lady! hope it's absolutely wonderful :)

  21. JJEENNNN HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! I'm so happy that you were able to get it off--that's awesome! Relax and do lots of relaxing things. And eat some cake and shop and do other fun stuffs. :D :D have a wondrous day!

    You make the best neutral outfits. I like the buttons on your shirt and how they're not white. They add a bit of funk (good funk, not bad funk). ;)

  22. Happy almost birthday dear!! Those boots are too cute!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  23. Haaaaappy birthdaaaay!! Haha, wow, that's awesome that your company decided that :D
    Enjoy your day off!
    Haha, and definitely nothing wrong with a lil adventure. Love the layers and your cool boots

    Trendy Teal


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