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Got Me In A Haze Running For Cover

I'm a writer! I'm a writer! I'm a writer! But not really, although if a writer is just someone who writes words, I'm pretty sure I am one. We all know that writers are so much more than that though. But for now, I'm sort of a writer. My friend is an editor for Uloop and she recruited me to write the occasional fashion-related article for Uloop as a college alum. For those of you that know me, it might seem kind of strange, especially since I'm not that interested in fashion on a larger-scale. Weird, right? Especially since I have a fashion blog, which I strategically called a personal style blog (there is a difference, I swear). I just got my first article published on Uloop though and I'd love it if you guys would go check it out and give it some love. Leave comments telling me how silly it is or how much you secretly read it over and over and over again. Thanks in advance for being the best readers out there.

Zara Cardigan (similar), Skirt (similar)
H&M Bow Blouse (similar)
Thrifted Purse
India Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes

When I asked my roommate how the pictures looked after he snapped a few shots, he goes, " looks like you're standing in the rain". So I apologize for looking a little bit damp in my photos but even the rain couldn't stop me from striking a couple of poses on a street corner like a, well, you know - trying to keep it classy on my blog. ;)


  1. the bow on your shirt is the loveliest detail!!

  2. Gah I give you so many props for being able to handle taking pictures on a busy city street! I can barely work up the courage to ask a friend to take some in my backyard! Hah, I don't think you look damp at all...that might just be New York.

  3. JEN that's such an awesome opportunity you've got goin' for ya! Writing about fashion... yep, that sounds pretty dreamy! Who knows, maybe it'll take off and you'll end up being able to do even more/write about other things! I'm happy for youuuu <3

    you look like a cute little writer here, too. I love the autmunal hues!

  4. congrats on being 'published'! :D haha


  5. Congrats on getting your first article published! Haha, my dream when i grow up is to be an editor of a fashion mag so basically you're on that path and im JEALOUS. or at've done the first step! Love your outfit too. CUTE CARDIGAN! and congrats again. That really is awesome!

  6. Haha, you are adorable!
    I love this outfit you put together for prance out in the rain. The rust orange and autumnal/brown colors are my favorite <3 Those wedged booties are perfect.
    And ahhh, congrats! That's so awesome that you get to write articles - totally gonna go check it out :)

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  7. Congrats on your first published article !:)

  8. First, I loved your article and agreed with everything. And now I am going to make my own style resolutions. Also I think that fashion blogs and style blogs are completely different too!

    Second, I can't believe you are not wearing tights. Aren't you freezing? But you do look cute and lovely (especially in the second last photo! Love the candid).

  9. wow congrats for you!! ;) love your boots jen! :)Irene Wibowo

  10. adore the bag !
    congrats on your recruitment
    i hope i'll see your writing more in the future
    keep the good work :D

  11. congrats on the new position, dear!! :D well deserved, i must say!!

    loving all the fall colours here!! :D

  12. "You look like you're standing in the rain" haha! Perhaps, but you still look adorable! Love the India booties, I have been highly considering them, and your thrifted purse is AMAZING! What a great find!
    xo Hannah

  13. Awww congrats! You're my favorite writer AND model! :P

  14. Actually it totally makes sense to take photos in the rain in new york. Totally works there! I love it. Your booties and bag are the perfect accessories for this and I love them. I'm gunna go check out your article

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  15. I like the photos...for some reason, "standing in rain" reminds me of Jesus. You're like a stylish Jesus.

    Also, congrats on the article! Just commented...but accidentally did it from my blog. Even though I worked in social media, I still have no idea how to work FB haha.

  16. You look so beautiful Jen. I loved your bag.

  17. Love your look, you look so beautiful in this outfit. A perfect match for you. Love to adore this outfit. Thanks for sharing.

  18. really lovely blog!! can u also check mine and let me know your opinion about it?? we can also follow each other! let me know <3
    thank u and merry xmas

  19. Aw, you look really cute and I just read your article - it's good babes! :)

  20. Aren't you cold???!!!! I don't even dare going barelegged here anymore! You look super super SUPER cute though! My remorse for not getting that skirt continues :(


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