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Guest Post: Karyn of Wren's House

Hello Jennifhsieh friends!  My name is Karyn but you can call me Wren.  The internet and I hang out over at Wren’s House where I blog about books, clothes and the ocean (the Canadian Pacific ocean to be more specific).  I could not be more thrilled to pack up my pictures and words and trek over to Jen’s blog today while she is in Turkey.  I hope you’ll enjoy having me on this New Year’s Eve day!

I took Jen’s invitation to be a guest blogger as a challenge for myself.  Jen inspired me awhile back with her post about tights.  You can find her post here.  I find tights difficult to style but since Jen is so good at it, I challenged myself to create three looks with tights.  I would wear any of these to a NYE party.

First I went with opaque plush-lined tights. As you can see, this outfit is oh-so-much-fun.  Cute and casual.

I went a little more formal here but get this: the tights are wool and oh so comfy and warm (which is important because it is snowing). 

And finally I couldn’t resist getting all classed up with my favourite holiday dress and sheer patterned tights (from the drugstore!).  Helloooooo NYE!

I hope you are all ringing in the New Year with loved ones or maybe just your cats.  Either way I hope it is wonderful.  And a huge thank you to Jen for having me over to her blog.


  1. Those sheer rights are way cool, Wren! Tights can be difficult to style sometimes, especially those with the patterns! Jen always seems so effortless with hers, huh? She's an inspiration for us both!

    Lovely post. :D!!

  2. aw, how great to see your face on another blog I love! you're so cute. Happy new year :)

  3. wren, so happy to see you on jen's blog! you are too cute! :)

  4. glad to be introduced to another blog, thanks wren! happy new year xo

  5. A tights challenge is fabulous. Tights are definitely a must in the wintertime and you remix them wonderfully. Gotta keep those legs warm and stylish. :)

  6. These are such adorable looks Wren! I love that second look, the red blouse is fabulous. Stay warm!! :)

  7. Ok, you are just the cutest thing ever! I love all three of your outfits and especially your smiling face :) I can be shy about looking directly at the camera for my own outfit posts, and you're inspiring me to break through it! I'm so glad you were featured on Jen's blog- I'm going to head over to your place for more :)



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