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Twenty Thirteen Resolutions

Happy New Year! For some reason 2013 doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. Usually I find myself still writing 2012 in all my dates and emails, but I think having to plan for 2013 (in regards to my work, my blog, and my travels), I'm already pretty well adjusted. It's all a part of growing up, right?

Over the years I've stopped making resolutions and instead I create goals for myself, like a short-term bucket list. Now that I'm living on my own and supporting myself entirely (except for my phone bill - thank you family plans), I feel like all of these things are pretty feasible if I set my mind to it and budget my finances right. Bring it on, 2013! But for now, I'm going to spend the day enjoying Jeremy's company before we have to part ways for another six months. My heart is already breaking.

Are you guys writing up resolutions as well? 

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  1. Happy New Year! Always love reading what you have to say and can't wait to see more from you in 2013. I like the idea of making goals rather than resolutions--I think I'll try that! :)
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  2. Such beautiful penmanship.
    2013 will be great. Earlier today I wrote up some goals of my's going to be a productive and rewarding year!

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    It's gonna happen and I'm so excited for when it does!!! <3

  4. I love your resolutions! They're so thoughtful. Good luck with 2013!

  5. Happy new year, Jen! I hope you have a very amazing year :D
    Anyway, good luck with your all resolutions, make them happen!


  6. Happy New Year Jen! Hope you are having a wonderful time with Jeremy!! I love your resolutions and I hope you accomplish them all!

  7. family plans are the best! and it's definitely have resolutions too - yours are very thoughtful and achiveable!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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