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American Rag Jacket via Macy's
H&M Top  (similar)
Love Culture Striped Skirt (similar or similar)
DKNY Tights
Forever 21 Oxford Heels (similar)

Lately it seems like it's becoming a habit of mine to forget that the sun starts setting around 4 PM these days. I always find myself running to snap shots of my outfit during twilight which leads to super grainy photos. But to some extent, I don't really mind the extra grain since they remind me slightly of vintage cameras and developing my own film.

I'm back to the daily work grind now that the holidays are over but since our office is still closed we get to work from home. I'm taking advantage of that time to stay in my sweats and get prepared for my trip to Turkey in only a few days. Time really does go by painfully slow and ridiculously fast all at the same time. It's a tricky thing, time is. Hopefully the days leading up to my flight will speed by while the days I spend in Turkey drag on and on and on and on.


  1. These photos are beautiful! loving the background and how it works so well with the outfit!


  2. your outfit pictures are always gorgeous, twilight or none. how exciting that you get to go to turkey!! will it be for vacation? :)

  3. I like winter too, the colours are darker but still beautiful :)

    I love your outfit here. Simple but so cute. And it looks great on you

  4. Merry Christmas darling! You look gorgeous! Love the heart sweater :)

  5. loving the skirt!


  6. I like the grain, too, Jen! It does give off that vintage vibe. It's barely there, though, so it's definitely not there in a bad-omg-that-is-so-noticable-you're-an-awful-photographer kind of way. It's there in a GIRL YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOIN' way, ya hear? YEE GIRL.

    Kay, I'm crazy. But anyway. The color of the skies in these is really gorgeous, and I adore that heart top so so much! Those heeles are so cute, too. I'm always envious of how awesome your pictures of shoes turn out. They're always so gooood!

    I hope your days speed by, my Jen dearest! :D

  7. That heart top is so cute and I love the striped skirt! EEE and those shoes are absolutely adorable, I really like the laces and the oxford style. Nawww and the grainy-ness looks nice since it does look vintage-y. I hope you have a great time in Turkey :)

  8. Beautiful look and photography. I love that setting, really makes your outfit pop. Merry Christmas! Enjoy working from home :)

    xo Jenny

  9. Ummm. Can I come over and steal those shoes?? I love them! And your pictures always turn out well no matter where or when you take them :) I can't believe you're going to be in Turkey soon! Ahhhhhhhhh!

  10. Beautiful as always
    the heart top really looks cute <3
    Have a wonderful trip in Turkey !

  11. lovely look as always!

  12. Ugh, the lack of light can be such a pain but at least the days are starting to get longer now! I really like how you paired the striped dress with the oxfords, it's so pretty and nonchalant.

  13. So pretty! We LOVE the stripes<3

    ox from NYC!


  14. i love grainy photos from high ISO too…makes me nostalgic.hehe.

    the striped dress is so chic and matched with those pretty shoes, everything is you. <3

    ♥ latest post: "december diary: styling for footzyfolds" at vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  15. Mmm stripes and tights! My favourite! And I love these photos! They are magical!

  16. Awesome outfit! And I like the pictures. Instagram that shizz.
    That office SUCKS. Everyone probably got fermented cow feces for fact, I know they did cause I mailed them some! Mwahaha.


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