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No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to all of those who are celebrating today! My family only celebrated Christmas culturally, not religiously, so as my brother and I got older all of our family's Christmas traditions faded away. To me, Christmas is just another day of the week except all the stores are closed and random people are texting me Merry Christmas, even if I haven't talked to them in weeks. Oh, the spirit of the holidays! I know when I have my own little family in the future I'm going to make Christmas the biggest deal in the world which will lead to tons of eye rolling. I'll be that kind of mom.

How are you guys celebrating?

Urban Outfitters Blazer
Beaded Collar Top c/o Ali & Kris
Skirt via Modswap (similar)
H&M Wedges (similar)
Mindy Clutch c/o Free Endearment

Now that it's almost 2013 I'm starting to think about resolutions or goals for the new year. I know I never stick to them anyway, but this year I really want to focus on a few things that I want to achieve for myself and really put the effort into making them happen. I'm really starting to re-evaluate everything in my life and whether or not everything or everyone around me is making me happy. I know I'm still young but I want to start setting a sturdy foundation for where I want to be in 5 or 10 years. I don't have any time to lose considering I've got big, big goals. ;)


  1. I approve that you're going to be one of those moms who makes Christmas a big deal. I try to do that even now with Christmas baking, music around the house, and helping decorate! Go us!

    We open most of our gifts on Christmas Eve and then stockings on Christmas Day (that way, we can all sleep in and stuff and not have to worry, hehehe ;)). I hope your Christmas was lovely, Jen!

  2. Since it's only me and my mom, Christmas at our home is always super low-key. We hardly do presents anymore. We just buy a lot of food and eat and nap a lot throughout the day.

    I'm with you, though. I'm definitely going to make Christmas a huge deal when I have my own family.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Jen!

  3. Each year the same: food feast!
    Haha, anyway I wish you a happy
    holidays c:


  4. oh gosh, I didn't even comment on your outfit ALI WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. I commented in my head, though, and I remember that. But you can't read my mind, can you? Ah, silly me. :D

    But your skirt is so cute and you look so professional chic yet Christmassy and I just ADORE it. Classy lady for sure.

    Oh yeah, those storms are totally gonna be afraid of me. ;) hehehe your comment made my day!

  5. your hair? ah but still beautiful~
    oaah~ i'm not celebrating but if i remember my birthday is christmast day~

  6. so sophisticated and chic during the holidays!!! i love it! :D

    happy holidays, jen!

  7. Jen you always look so pretty. Especially in red and black. Wowza.

    We celebrate Christmas both religiously and culturally. It's my favourite time of year because I get to come home and see Evan and my parents. And you get to see your long-distance boyfriend so soon!!!! I am so excited for you!!!

  8. merry christmas! Love the red!


  9. i celebrate my christmas on facebook T.T
    love your outfit! you definetly define all the black thing with a red skirt!!!
    girl, you're soo cute with that hair anyway!!
    i've followed you!
    hope you can follow me back too!
    it will be such an honour!!

  10. nice outfit! lovely boots
    maybe we can follow back each other?

  11. You look lovely :) Happy Holidays :))


  12. I love the beaded detail on your collar!


  13. Happy Holidays!!! I love your skirt!!!



  14. happy holidays jen! hope to see you around now that i'm back in nyc

  15. Beautifulll!

  16. Well, even without celebrating, you do look quite festive.

    I too am thinking about big goals for 2013. i feel like old age is creeping up on me, and it's time to starting being more of an adult.

    Good luck sticking to your resolutions!

    Chic on the Cheap

  17. SO PRETTY JEN! This outfit is so perfect for the holidays with that red skirt! I'm with you on Christmas--maybe it's an Asian thing haha. Mine was pretty relaxed, which is just what my family needed. BUT I'm going to be that kind of mom/teacher too haha!

  18. Hello Jen, it's that time of the year to evaluate the things around us -- what should stay and what should stop. I am listing down things and re-evaluate. Then I'm good to go for 2013! ;)

  19. You look so professional and classy! Diggin' the pop of red.


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