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Level 99 USA Blogger Contest - Voting Open!

I know I've been slightly MIA on my blog but I promise a post is coming up later tonight! In the mean time, my last post was part of Level 99 USA's Blogger Contest on their Facebook page. I would love you guys forever and a day if you "liked" and commented on my entry. If I win, a lucky commenter/liker who voted for my picture will win a pair of the Janice Jeans I'm wearing! ;)

Thanks in advance. You guys are incredible. :)


  1. I liked and commented, yay! I hope you win!

  2. Those are DARLING jeans...and in my opinion, perfectly styled by you ;)

    <3 Cambria

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  3. Liked and commented
    Hope you win...

  4. YAY! You better win. I commented and liked your photo not only because those jeans are perfect and I want to steal them, but because I love how you styled them and you are great :)


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