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Guest Post: Bivi of Alive as Always

Hi, fellow JennifHsieh readers! Bivi here from Alive as Always, filling in for Jen while she's out visiting her boy, Jeremy, in Turkey. Ah, Turkey, I've heard so much awesome stuff about the country and can't wait for Jen's photos later on. Plus, to be there with one's beloved is just right. While she's venturing in another's land, probably trying out different cuisines and exploring different places. In the meantime, let me share with you a little bit about the town where I live. Here in Kassel, Germany, there's a Chinese art exhibition I've been sharing along an outfit post called Alles unter dem Himmel gehört allen (Everything Under the Heavens Belong to Everyone). It is an exhibition spread all over the town until February.

"Ultrastruktur: Garten der Seele" (Ultrastructure: Garden of the Soul) by Xiang Yang

Today's post is made by Xiang Yang. This is probably the first ever outfit post I took at night but I love how the light works in this structure. On the artwork, there's a sign that says "Enter at your own risk!" which means it's pretty unstable. Instead of a roof, there are piles of wood sticks on top of it -- which look like they could collapse any minute. I think it's called garden of the souls mostly because this building resembles a house, a place where you can just lie down and forget the world. It's roofless probably to show us the sky to soothe our souls or so. That's just my opinion, though. I love the tree-like shapes on the glass case on the sides, connected by strings of sorts, making them look zooming out at us.

Primark coat // Marks & Spencer sweater // Dual plaid top // C&A trousers // H&M socks // All Star by Converse sneakers // flea market scarf // Mom's old backpack

Do stop by at my blog to see more artwork features/adventures/outfit posts. Oh, happy belated new year! And you thought 2013 would never come, huh? I guess we were wrong on that one. Now that it's here, enjoy it while it lasts! Cheerio!


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