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Guest Post: Sally of Sally Ann

Greetings from Georgia! Hello everyone, I'm Sally from Sally Ann. I am an independent designer or clothing, lingerie, and accessories. I'm happy to be here while Jen is on vacation. While most of my tutorials on my blog are sewing related, today, I'm doing something a little different. I'm sharing a fun crocheted infinity scarf that you can make in a snap! 

You will need a skein and a half or two, and a very large crochet hook, about as big around as your thumb, scissors, and maybe a cat on your lap to help out, always required when I'm crocheting hehe. I used red yarn leftover from a previous project.

1st row: ch 20 sc. (Chain 20 single crochet). Ch 1 sc. Turn.
2nd row: dc in 2nd from hook. (Double crochet) dc in each stitch. Ch 1.
3rd row: dc in each stitch. repeat until desired length. (my scarf was 55 rows total)
To connect and make infinity scarf, sandwich ends together. sc in each stitch. Finish ends.

Finished scarf measures 14" wide and 65" long, 32 1/2" and I wear it wrapped around my neck twice. It's surprisingly warm, but not too warm. Dressing for Georgia weather these days is a t-shirt, light jacket, maybe a cardigan, on windy days, and a scarf, jeans and cowboy boots. I'm quite boring in winter, and most days can be found in high waisted jeans and a tee. For a great tutorial on how to fit your jeans, click here, and make your own skinny jeans, here.

Jeans: Gap (fitted myself)
Shirt: BCBG 
Boots: Vintage
Gold Lion Belt: Vintage

I hope you all enjoyed this fun scarf tutorial. Check out my blog for all kinds of sewing tutorials, and a little bit of what I do. Have a great day!
xoxo, Sally


  1. i love the yellow-red look so cute.

  2. Gorgeous! I wish I was as talented, because the scarf is so beautiful. Cute outfit, too!

  3. First of all, you look so pretty on your photo – the red-yellow combination is perfect. Next, is the tutorial, thanks for sharing it. Your infinity scarf is really looks good. :) Hope that I can make one for me too. ;)


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