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I felt like a piece of giant bubblegum today. I rarely wear pink and today I was rocking pink from head-to-toe. Well, more like neck-to-knee but that's a huge deal for me too.

I was looking at my closet the other day and I decided that I didn't have enough cardigans. This might also be because my roommate during the last two years of college had a cardigan obsession, so my collection will always pale in comparison to hers. But I will never stop trying! That's why I had to pick this bad boy (or girl, considering it's pink) up when it saw it on Lulu* Seriously, you guys, I can't get enough of their selection. I actually attended Lulu*s Style Studio during NYFW back in February and I have yet to share my pictures with you guys. Slowpoke? Very much so. I promise I'll post them soon though!

Forever 21 Dolman Jacket
Coral Sweater c/o Lulu*
Forever 21 Striped Dress  (similar)
HUE Navy Tights
OSAP Faux Leather Shoulder Bag
Aldo Black Oxford Wedges (similar)

It's really weird that I'm still sitting here in the office, typing away at my blog. Everyone's trickled out except for a select few and it's eerily quiet compared to the usual hustle and bustle. I figured I would just stay in the office and chill for a bit since I'll be heading to Washington Heights to visit my friend in the hospital in a few minutes. There's really no point in going home to the east side when the west side awaits me. I'm going to grab a quick bite to-go from McDonald's (no shame in my game) and then pick up some flowers and a couple of magazines to keep her company during her stay. Bring it on, long subway commute. Bring it on.





  2. Neck-to-knee? I like your terminology, girl. You work that shade of bubblegum!

    I'm the same way with cardigans. I never looked good with them combined with dresses (if they are long), so I think that's why I avoid wearing them. But you are definitely the cardigan QUEEN! Queen of ALL the cardigans! And so lovely, of course.

  3. Gorgeous outfit!

  4. Lulu's does have an amazing selection; I love their shoes! They always have such a great range. :D And I actually have a lot of pink stuff too...I never think of myself as someone who gravitates to pink but I definitely do. :P You look great it in so maybe embrace it?? Haha

    Castle Fashion

  5. nice to see you in pink, jen!! that cardigan really brighten up this entire look!!! :D

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  6. love your wedges.. so cute! :)Irene Wibowo

  7. That cardigan is so pretty and so is the color. Loving the tote bag,
    xx Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

  8. Love your outfit!! Great pics.Would you like follow each other? Let me know. Kisses

  9. you look awesome!! and i love your tights!
    question: how thick are your tights?
    im trying to find really really thick ones to wear when its cold :)

    The DayLee Journal

    1. Hi Marsa! My tights are pretty thick but they aren't as thick as sweater tights. I haven't tried a pair of sweater tights yet but I've been hearing amazing things about them during the winter time! Try those. :)

  10. I like your outfit, it looks comfortable and lovely at the same time :)

  11. this outfit is ADORABLE! i also think i don't have enough cardigans either...maybe because i always wear the same one (i have it on as i type, go figure!).

  12. love love! the color and length of your sweater!!!

  13. I am loving this look!!! That striped dress is so beautiful, such great colours in it and that pale pink cardigan is the perfect shade on you. Absolutely lovely!

  14. I'm sure that is very much apperciated that you are visiting (and the magazines too!)

    I was a little surprised to see you in pink because I hadn't before, but it is a good color for you. You look great!

  15. Love your knitted cardigan :)

  16. I haven't checked out Lulu's in awhile, but I really like the colour and look to this cardi! Not the biggest pink wearer ever, but it does look nice ^^ Hope your friend feels better soon! xx

  17. Super sweet photos, you looks so relaxed and happy in the photos :)


  18. you look so girly and happy! i love that cardigan and your dress, great style :)

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