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Give Me a Star to Reach For

Usually the weather progressively gets warmer as the day goes on. Today, I'm 99% sure it only got colder (although the hourly temperature reports will most likely prove that I'm wrong - but really, ain't nobody got time for that). Therefore, my early morning choice to leave my legs bare didn't seem like such a smart decision by the time I ran out of the office for outfit pictures. But no worries, remember how I said there was always someone crazier on the streets in New York City? I was right. Only a few feet away at Shake Shack (right behind me), a model was posing in a floral one-piece bathing suit. Yeah, you read that right. Apparently people now order fries and burgers in bathing suits in the dead of winter. No big deal.

Gap Olive Cardigan (similar)
H&M Striped Tank Top, Heeled Loafers (similar)
Modcloth By The Riverbed Skirt
Forever 21 Dolman Coat (similar)

It's finally the weekend and I'm so excited to click "Publish" and run out of my office to get ready for a few days full of shenanigans. I spent the last two weekends in New Jersey so I'm so pumped to be spending this one in the city that stole my heart. Two of my high school friends are arriving in the city in a few hours so we can wreak havoc all night long. Then on Saturday I'm seeing Swedish House Mafia and, you guys, I am so, so, so, insanely excited. Beyond excited. Finally, I'm wrapping up a very hectic weekend with a relaxing, Sunday night full of craft beers. Let's get this weekend started!

Any exciting weekend plans for you guys?


  1. Ooh I love this look! I want to steal every piece, especially the coat :p And you were brave to go bare legged, haha....

  2. Bathing suits in the middle of winter? Well, I guess there could be ewirder things going on in the world.

    Oh, Jen, this skirt is just lovely. AND IF YOU WERE A STAR, IW OULD PICK YOU. Or reach for you. Or shoot for you? Whatever. I'd try to obtain you, is what I'm saying.

  3. hahaha funny bathing suit story!!!
    love your skirt, dear!!

    have a good weekend!
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  4. I think pushing it to the limit and the diversity might be some of the reasons so many fashion trends seem to me to have originated in New York City, or then again, maybe they just come to NYC and get recognized there. I love that observation that it was "No big deal" in NYC for that model to be posing in the one piece floral bathing suit in the dead of winter by the Shake Shack. I love your Modcloth 'By The Riverbed' skirt. It's really pretty. Enjoy seeing the Swedish House Mafia and have a happy first March weekend of 2013!

  5. New York is seriously great, bringing out the beauty in the weird (that poor model though, she must have been freezing!)! I can't wait till my next visit to the city.
    Love your outfit, especially the way you paired stripes with that amazing skirt. It's unexpected but so awesome :)


  6. that skirt is to die for. Modcloth always has the best prints.

  7. amazing outfit! love the skirt!

  8. Hello lovely Jennifer c: Love
    the skirt and the cute shoes!


  9. Loving those shoes. Sorry you were cold though!

  10. love the outfit, especially that skirt! :) and have fun!!


  11. love how you mixed up the patterns in your outfit! so sweet :) cheers to warmer is surely coming!

  12. I love your skirt . :D

  13. I love the print of your skirt :). I can't believe that there was a model standing outside in a one piece, she must have been freezing!! xx

    Almost Delightful

  14. Wow, the mixed prints are really lovely together...very classy combo of skirt+top+trench, but the pattern mixing adds some spunk :) And I LOVE those shoes...I wore mine today too :)

    <3 Cambria

  15. I always model my one pieces in the winter. The chilly air perks up my nips!

  16. The skirt is so pretty – it makes me feel like it's a nice skirt that could go more casual or more formal depending on what you're wearing with it. I agree about the weather though. There was that one week when it was average temperature and now I wish I'd taken more advantage of it. Still, there's that one guy in my dorm who wears shorts and flip-flops every day like nobody else's business. Hope you had a good weekend! xx

  17. You look gorgeous as always, Jenn. I like the your coat and you pretty shoes compliment each other. :)

  18. Cute outfit! Love the coat. Lovely blog you have here. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

  19. Thanks for the comment on my blog! im doing just alright by the way. =) Love the skirt your wearing! And how was Swedish House Mafia? My instagram feed was filled with snaps from the event.


    1. It was incredible! I had nosebleed seats but it was still epic - gotta be one of the happiest moments of my life, haha. :)

  20. That skirt is lovely on you! The print is amazing :)

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  22. Those shoes are great!

    Good thoughts from Washington, D.C.,

    x Kel of Stylesmiths
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