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Pressing Pause on My Heartbeat

The wind was crazy this morning which is making me realize, from these pictures, that I really need to schedule an appointment with my hair salon and get a trim. Those split ends are ridiculous and my bangs are almost becoming a giant eye patch again. I'm horrible when it comes to keeping up with trims and haircuts. I'm at that point in my life where I'm trying to grow out my hair, so even cutting off an inch makes me feel like I'm undergoing a huge set back on life. I'm only a little overdramatic about my hair. But then again, nothing will ever be worse than my bangs of summer 2011. Did I just jynx it? Perhaps. But seriously, never ever trust a haircutter who has a stripper name, especially if her own haircut is questionable.

Gap Navy Cardigan
Urban Outfitters Suede Belt
Modcloth Striped Dress swapped with Jessica (similar)
HUE Navy Tights
India Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes

Wearing this dress makes me feel like I belong on the boardwalk down by the Jersey shore with an enormous floppy hat and even bigger sunglasses. This dress is actually my first swapped item with the Flock Together ladies! The lovely Jessica from Midwest Muse is the original owner and Jessi already had a chance to style it up on her blog. It's going to be hard passing this along when the time comes so I'll be sure to squeeze it into as many outfits as possible.


  1. totally digging this striped dress on you!! :D lovely as always, dear!!

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  2. I want that dress! You look spectacular my friend! I need a haircut as well, but there's just no time to properly groom myself anymore :(

  3. Haha! I feel the exact same way about my hair. Trims are so tough to get through, even that one inch is very important! Love your striped dress. <3

  4. i am loving that dress! so pretty!

  5. This dress looks so lovely on you!! I love it with those booties :) I know it's hard to give up our swap pieces, I just got my first one and can't take it off!

  6. love the dress so much jen! :) so great on you. :)Irene Wibowo

  7. Adoreble dress! Looks amazing on you!

  8. Haircuts are one of those things that unfortunately must be done... I usually just have my mom trim my hair because I don't trust the hair salon ladies going crazy with scissors. Nope! Haha, but I think your hair looks fine from here on the Internet, so I think you can last a little longer if needed. ;)

    Cuuute striped dress! I really like how it goes two different ways. Definitely breaks it up nicely, Jen Jen!

  9. cute dress!!!! and love your boots!

  10. This dress is gorgeous and you wear it well- even if it is not on a Jersey shoreline.

  11. so stylish!

  12. this dress is gorgeous & seems to fit you like a glove! fun to see your first swap!

  13. what a gorgeous dress on you! love your boots too :)

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  14. This dress looks so good on each of you! The brown is a lovely choice. I never would've thought to wear those shoes with it. I'm glad you like the dress!


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