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Telling Me That You'll Be Sweet

Yesterday was one of those beautifully lazy Saturdays that you just want to frame and remember for the rest of the week. I woke up way earlier than I wanted to, looking like a hungover mess of a person, tucked into bed still in last night's clothes. Such a classy broad, am I right? So I dragged myself out of bed, took a shower, made breakfast, watched an episode of Girls, and then went right back to bed. Continuing to live the life. After a quick Skype session with Jeremy, the rest of my afternoon consisted of sitting on my couch with my roommate and watching episode after episode of Glee. It's my guilty pleasure and I'm not ashamed.

Forever 21 Dolman Coat
American Apparel Circle Scarf
Vintage Green Lace Slip via Elana
Urban Outfitters Striped Crop Top (similar)
OASAP Black Shoulder Bag
Blowfish Shoes Cain Flats

My evening was definitely way more productive than the rest of my Saturday. I cleaned up the filth from my bedroom, did my laundry, actually got around to working out, and gave my mom a much needed phone call. And now? I'm finally posting these pictures that my friend Haley snapped earlier in the week. This beauty of a dress, which is actually a vintage lace slip, is my second Flock Together swapped item and I'm slightly obsessed with the dark green fabric. The slip originally belongs to the adorable Elana from Room 334 and you can see how some of the other Flock Together ladies styled it up at the bottom of this post.


  1. such a cute dress :) love how you styled it :)

  2. that dress is really beautiful!!! i especially love that green shade right now!! it's like the perfect transition color from winter to spring! :)

  3. aren't you obsessed with girls? my husband and i cannot wait for season 3...LOVE THAT SHOW!

  4. It has been to a lot of girls lates so it pretty fun to see how that slip-dress can be styled. Love you take on it here.

  5. sweet as usual :)

  6. Love the coat and skirt, can not believe the coat is from Forever 21. Nice photos.

    Ali of

  7. Wow love your dress ♥

  8. Jen this is my FAVORITE outfit I have ever seen on your blog! Green is my favorite color and I love how you mixed in the browns and stripes, so pretty! Your saturday sounds amazing, besides the hangover of course! Definitely pinning this for inspiration!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  9. Lazy days are the best and sometimes rare. Love your flats they look so comfy.

  10. Isn't a slip a type of underwear? Jennifhsieh, you have inspired me to go grocery shopping in my underroos!

  11. I absolutely aodre how you mix the dress with the sweater with matching shades of cream :)

    such a asweet dress indeed!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  12. super cute!! love the teal and camel *.*

  13. I am really loving the way you decided to style this slip, it looks fantastic with the striped top over it and with that lovely coat. Such great layering for the weekend!!

  14. I just adore that jacket. The color, the fabric, the length and style. So cute. It seems like it would go with so much too! You look adorable!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  15. I LOVE this looks Jenni! you did such a fantastic job going w/ the green plus camel hues all together. you look so put together but still super fun and cherry, which always seems a tough accomplishment in my book. love seeing everyone's looks too. def featuring this for my monthly inspiration : )

  16. I am loving that dress! The lace is so pretty! <3


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