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The Turkey Diaries: Cats of Istanbul

So yes, my final post in the Turkey Diaries series is all about cats. I promise I'm not a cat lady (I'm slightly allergic to them anyway, which kills that dream), but I couldn't help but capture all the cats that we came across during our time in Istanbul. Unlike the pet culture we have in America, numerous cats and dogs freely roam the streets. If I had to compare it to anything in New York City, just replace the pigeons you see every where you turn with cats. Heaven, am I right? Jeremy had to remind me not to go chasing after them, trying to pet every single one. Let me tell you, it was pretty hard to resist.


  1. This made my day!!! Love cats they're totally my fav...and these are so charming!!!

    <3 Cambria

  2. gah! i would pet every single one, too...

    i'm also slightly allergic, but i develop immunities to specific cats if i spend a good amount of time with them. so my kitty is fine, as is my best friends. but new ones make me sneezy and itchy. but i mostly just ignore it. ^__^

  3. Hahaha! Replace the pigeons with birds... oh man, and even though I've never been to NY, I know that equates to lots of cats. Dang. That's pretty cute. :)

  4. not a huge cat fan here...
    they just make me nervous. so unpredictable.

  5. These are such great photos!! Love these shots, I'm allergic to cats so I've never really been that big of a fan but they sure are cute

  6. ohhh street cats are the deal in the philippines too! actually, both cats and dogs!
    in nyc, it's pigeons,
    in canada, it's squirrels
    in turkey, it's cats! hahaha!! coolness!! :D

  7. Oh I love love love this! Such a nice post to scroll through with my Monday coffee at work! On vacation I always get made fun of (but not too much, because my family loves cats too) for trying to find all the kitties. Love the last shot, your photography is gorgeous!
    xo Hannah

  8. I love kitties :) Ahh! these fluff balls are so cute!

  9. the photos are perfect! hah, I like the pigeon analogy.

  10. These photos are absolutely beautiful, Jen!


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