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The Turkey Diaries: Goodbye, Malatya

Forever 21 Denim Jacket
H&M Beige Sweater, Raspberry Jeans (similar)
First Boots c/o Jellypop (similar)

I'm not going to lie. The fact that these are the last pictures I have to post from my trip to Malatya (besides one more random post that I guarantee you guys will love) makes me really sad. Really sad. Spreading out these posts from Turkey over the past three months let me relive each moment all over again.

Jeremy took these quick pictures during a quick break between two of his classes. It was so much fun meeting his students and feeling like something someone brought in for show and tell. A few of his students ended up friending me on Facebook and I even chat with two or three of them from time to time. It's kind of adorable. By the time I left Malatya, there was still so much snow on the ground and I felt like it was never-ending, especially with the snow covered mountains in the background giving an illusion of a completely white backdrop.

But anyway, it's Friday and there are shenanigans to be had. Enjoy the weekend, everyone, and don't forget to enter the caseable giveaway below! :)


  1. I absolutely love these pants, such a wonderful colour. This is the perfect layered look for the snow too. Love that scarf!

  2. Awwww, atleast you had a great
    time and exploring in Turkey c:
    I love your boots c:


  3. it was great seeing all these pictures from your trip!!! thanks for taking us with you on the ride :)
    now go and enjoy your weekend, dear!! :D

  4. sooo cute! your scarf looks so soft and comfy too! <3
    The DayLee Journal

  5. A lovely outfit. I have enjoyed so much hearing about your trip. Had Jeremy taught abroad before this?

  6. Sluuuuuuusshshhiiiee! Girl, you've gotta pack that slushie into cups and flavor it and sell it. Okay, that was random but... it was my first thought.

    Well, I suppose your journey had to come to an end eventually. And it was an amazing journey that you documented so well and can always reflect on (and add to, if you think of anything else you did!).

  7. loooove the denim jacket!!!! <3


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