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Tonight You'll All Be Set Free

Gap Navy Cardigan
Forever 21 Nude Cami, Skinny Belt
Vintage Skirt
Lisa Wallet c/o Free Endearment (similar)
H&M Heel Loafers (similar)

I can't help but wear sunglasses everywhere I go these days. Even when the clouds are hanging overhead, rocking my sunglasses just reminds me that spring is finally here and my mood is automatically lifted. I can't wait until the summer rolls around and I start spending my weekends lying on the beach. Am I getting ahead of myself here? Perhaps.

One of the best parts of New York City (or any city, for that matter), is seeing everyone eating lunch and dinner on outdoor patios as you walk down the avenues. I'm about to meet up with some friends for dinner and that's probably exactly what we'll be doing as well. Spring, never leave.


  1. I love seeing people eating food outside too.

    Love the brown color palette.

  2. love this!! so prim and proper!! very vintage chic.. kind of reminds me of one of Louis Vuitton's runway looks when they featured those midi-skirts!!! :D

  3. I love that moment when people stream outside to greet the warm, spring air. It's so lovely, just as you described. :) I wish it could be spring forever. We don't really need any other season, eh?

    Ooooh, Jen! I remember this skirt! I love this skirt so much. The print and colors are just so wonderful. It's skirts like that that make me want to own more vintage pieces.

  4. Love that skirt! I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too. xo

  5. seriously in love with this skirt!!!


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