But When I Do, I Wonder Why

DKNY Trench (similar)
Modcloth Striped Dress swapped with Jessica (similar)
Blowfish Shoes Cain Flats
Aldo Backpack (similar)

It's spring, it's spring, it's spring! Looking at the 10-day weather forecast it looks like the rest of April will be in the low 60's. I've decided that the perfect everyday temperature, in my books, is a mostly sunny, 68 degrees. It's nice enough to lay around in the sun during the day and beautiful enough to pull on a light cardigan during the evenings. I am so ready for the spring. 

On Sunday, I met up with one of my best friends from high school and we spent three hours walking all over central park from the Upper East Side to the Upper West Side and then back. I didn't wear the most appropriate shoe wear but I made the trek anyway since I was determined to enjoy the spring weather. I don't usually explore the Upper West Side these days (no one likes to go crosstown, amirite?) but it was a nice change of pace. My friend was more familiar with the area since he attended Columbia University for four years. We spent a few minutes just lounging around in the Lincoln Center Plaza before grabbing frozen yogurt at 16 Handles (my favorite frozen yogurt spot) and calling it a day. My Sunday afternoon could not have been more perfect. 


  1. i'll never get tired of seeing you in that dress!!! you're always so cheery!!! love your posts all the time! :D

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  2. cute dress and coat!


  3. I wish it was spring here!! I am loving the layering here, this striped dress is so perfect with the button up knotted over it!

  4. Cute! I got a similar dress over the weekend and love it.

  5. Still not over this dress! Love love love love it on you! That chair is ridiculous, but I wish I were there sitting in one with you! I miss you and the city so so so much! Ahhhhhh!

  6. Love stripes, this dress is so amazing and gorgeously styled.

  7. adorable! wasn't central park just LOVELY on sunday? i can't get over how warm the weather is this week...insane!

  8. great look! always fascinating <33


  9. Awe, hooray for lovely weather coming your way! You lucky gal, you. It's gotten quite warm here, too (though a bit humid... yuck!). Your striped dress is so cute and nautical. I especially like the alternating stripes.

  10. amazing outfit. LOVE the dress.
    What a great way to spend with your dear friend!

  11. You look gorgeous. And tying a cardigan in a knot- what a great idea!

  12. This dress looks gorgeous on you and is so perfect for Spring! We had spring for about a week there! Now, it is full on blizzard today, harmuph. Back to Spring by the end of the week though!
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah


  13. Haha Jen you never seem to wear the appropriate footwear. This dress is so cute on you! Don't give it back!

  14. So cute! In the third photo, you look younger. Hahah :D


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