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Hear the Money Rustle

UNIQLO Black Blazer (similar)
Urban Outfitters Striped Layered Tank
Gap Destroyed Denim
Forever 21 Cap Toed Heels (similar), Bracelet

I took off work this past Monday to spend some more time with Eric before he headed back to Chicago. One of the last areas of NYC that we had to tackle was the Financial District. We walked up and down Wall Street, took in the insane amount of tourists in the area, and grabbed a quick lunch at a local pizza parlor. The best part was stopping by the Charging Bull and watching people pose with its testicles. (Did I really just write about testicles on my blog?) Touching certain parts of the bull is supposed to bring good luck to the visitor and the testicles are a symbol of its virility. I decided to pass on that specific ritual.

After we exhausted the area, we scrambled onto the East River Ferry to explore Brooklyn, specifically the DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights neighborhoods. It was actually my first time riding a ferry in New York City and I found out there are actually ferries that travel all the way to parts of New Jersey, including Sandy Hook Beach (the first Jersey beach I ever visited). I guess I know how I'll be spending my summer!


  1. loving the bag!! :D
    if i go to nyc, can you tour me around too!! teehee! :D

  2. such a nice blazer! i love that bag too, it looks like a perfect place to stash a camera. glad to see you had a nice day xx

    a thousand million words

  3. The ferry sounds so fun! (and I love how dapper your friend is. You two make a very fashionable duo!

  4. I love this look on you! And I really need to be a tourist more often in the city. I've only ever gone in, went to work (or whatever event I was attending) and left...

    I adore this look Jen! I'm somehow going to recreate it. It seriously makes me want to destroy a pair of jeans and slip on one of my striped tees! I miss you tons! I've been so busy but after graduation is over, we should finally have our skype date <3

  6. I can always relate to your style! Love this classy and chic look:) xx

  7. Your friend is very well dressed! I cant believe you wore heels while exploring the are a champ.

  8. a blazer makes an outfit perfect!!! very cute chic outfit!

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  10. Jenn, I really love it when I see you wearing jeans! Hahaha :D

  11. I love your shoes - so chic! Paired with that blazer and stripes? Perfect!

  12. This looks so fun, I love the ferry pictures and love those flats! I actually went to High School on Sandy Hook! :) I used to take the ferry from Atlantic Highlands, NJ to S. St. Seaport all the time!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    xo Hannah

  13. I fracking love this outfit. :) and you


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