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Street Fairs, Bike Riding, and Drunk Bowling

Modcloth Orange Button-Up Dress (similar)
Cream Dress c/o Studio 12.20 (similar)
H&M Belt
Pyramid Necklace c/o Gogo Philip 
Wedges c/o Wayfair (similar)

During his first full day in the city (Saturday), Eric and I did a tremendous amount of walking. We walked to the point where exhaustion kicked in and we found ourselves taking naps every time we managed to sit down. I might have overachieved when it came to planning our New York City adventures.

Stop one was stopping by the Hester Street Fair in the Lower East Side. In a quick summary, it was a cute little, hipster street fair full of small food, clothing, and accessories businesses. We got to taste some incredible olive oils and my eyes kept drifting towards the expensive vintage dresses and sunglasses. My wallet held me back though (although the oven-baked margarita pizza was screaming my name).

After getting our fill of the Lower East Side and exploring the nearby parks, Eric and I rode the subway up to Central Park for some bike riding. In order to save a few dollars, we opted to rent our bikes from a sketchy guy standing on the side street who led us two blocks away from the park. Our wild imaginations had us preparing for our ultimate downfalls, but it ended up being just fine and if anything, just a little bit sketch.

Once again, Jen wears appropriate footwear for a day of walking, bike riding, and rock climbing.
Our next stop was to wander through the International Food Festival which was a little underwhelming. Eric and I expected to encounter the culinary experience of the Gods but it was simply food stands from a variety of restaurants in New York City (the same exact food festival that pops up multiple times throughout the year on random city streets). Nevertheless, we gorged ourselves and I even got to try Caramelized Fried Chicken ice cream from the Coolhaus truck, which was simply incredible. And no, it wasn't as disgusting as it sounds. It was actually a fried chicken party in my mouth and I only wish I had seconds.

Finally, we ended our evening by meeting up with a handful of my co-workers. After stopping by Martin Parr's latest exhibition, walking down the High Line, and grabbing dinner in the East Village, everyone headed over to Williamsburg to The Gutter. What's The Gutter? Two words: Drunk bowling.

If there's anything I want you to take away from this blog post, it's that nothing is better than drunk bowling.


  1. Drunk bowling is my favourite!!! I haven't been in too long, I really want to now. Love these photos, definitely sounds like an amazing and action packed day! Your dress is so cute, it looks amazing with that orange button down.

  2. The color of button up dress suits your skin tone!! Gotta check out the Hester Fair when I get the chance too!!

  3. sounds like a fantastic day jen! i was in the east village for dinner on saturday night too :)

  4. i really adore your necklace!!!
    sounds like you had a great time!! :D

  5. Drunk bowling sounds like something I have to try! I love the color scheme of this outfit. You look so pretty! :)

  6. You are looking so freaking cute! Those shoes!

    So glad you two had a good time. Busy, but it sounds like you planned (and had) a fabulous day.

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  8. You crammed a lot into one day! Both of you look so stylish. Great colors.

  9. omgosh! i love your shoes!!! they go great with your rust shirt!

  10. Looks like you two having lots of fun c:
    Love your outfit Jen! Those shoes are just
    too cute!


  11. You look sooo so cute, Miss Jen! I love you in orange. I love all the places you took rocks. Look at you and your model diva-nes~ on rocks, in da city, yee yee. :D

  12. Drunk bowling? Haha sounds interesting... It definitely sounds like you had a fun-packed day! I'd love to experience NYC like that :) But I wouldn't dare try fried chicken ice cream! haha.
    You look cute as always! I love the layering with the button up belted over your dress and those shoes are seriously adorable.


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