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The Bonnaroo Diaries: Day 1

I've finally regenerated enough physical and mental energy to put together my first Bonnaroo post. You guys, it was one crazy, exhausting, whirlwind of a weekend. I'm still trying to make up for those sleepless nights, burning hot mornings, and music-filled afternoons.

Eight other friends and I made the 15 hour trek down to Manchester, Tennessee last Wednesday, arriving at the campgrounds (with minimal difficulties) on Thursday afternoon. Three of my friends accidentally filled their car with diesel, causing them to fall behind schedule, but after a friendly, neighborhood mechanic worked after hours, they managed to get on their way. Disaster averted.

V-Neck Tank c/o Junk Food Clothing (similar)
H&M Burgundy Shorts
Gap Chambray Shirt
Studded Boots c/o YesWalker (similar)
Urban Outfitters Hat (similar)

Side note: Check out my bitch face in the photo above. 

Overall, the first night was pretty chill since people were still settling into the camp grounds and getting to know the surroundings. I checked off Purity Ring (shown down below) as well as Maps and Atlases (who were incredible). We managed to squeeze our way pretty close to the stage for Purity Ring (SO GOOD) and I learned that bringing a hat to a concert is a pretty dumb idea unless you're ready for it to crowd-surf its own way up to the stage. It's a sad life being short at a concert. You guys feel me?


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  2. Hi Jen! It's great seeing you in a more edgy look!

    Melai of

  3. Love this outfit!
    So casual and perfect for a music festival kind of thing (:

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  4. You look great in your festival wear! I hope you didn't lose your hat for good, though!


  5. with those shorts and boots, you're such a certified music festival junkie!! i love it!!! :D I'm sure you got a wonderful tan!! :D

  6. I've just started listening to Purity Ring and immediately thought, wow...this would be amazing live. I guess you've confirmed it! Love your festival outfit!


  7. superb style!

  8. those boots are just awesome! love the look!

  9. Sounds like a fun time and you are rockin' a great concert outfit.

  10. those shorts are awesome~ cute boho outfit!


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